April 12, 2016

Buchanan Does Not Use The Word Oligarchy, But US Sen. Jeff Sessions Does

In ancient Greece, the democracy was overthrown by an oligarchy. But the rule, of the forty was also overturned and the democracy was restored. In The United States the oligarchs who run the US government do not announce its anti democratic control. Just as George Soros pretends he does not pay demonstrators for Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups and causes. It appears that Soros with the support of the White House works to destroy the United States, economically, politically, socially and militarily in order to establish one world government run by wealthy business elitists. The EU was formed for the benefit of the same power hungry few, using money as the unifying glue. It is not working well. A similar effort was proposed by former MA Governor Weld to make the United States, Canada and Mexico into one large political entity. The open southern  border is part of that, trying to make it happen without any notice to the people of the United States. It is what George H.W. Bush was referring to, when he spoke about the New World Order.

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In the race for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump would seem to be in the catbird seat. He has won the most states, the most delegates and the most votes — by nearly two million.
He has brought out the largest crowds and is poised for huge wins in the largest states of the East, New York and Pennsylvania.
Yet, there is a growing probability that the backroom boys will steal the nomination from him at a brokered convention in Cleveland.
Over the weekend, Colorado awarded all 34 delegates to Ted Cruz. The fix had been in since August, when party officials, alarmed at Trump’s popularity, decided it would be best if Colorado Republicans were not allowed to vote on the party’s nominee.
After all, these poor folks might get it wrong.
[. . .]
In state after state, when Trump wins, and moves on, the apparatchiks arrive — to thieve delegates for Cruz.
“This is a crooked system, folks,” says Trump, “the system is rigged. … I go to Louisiana. I win Louisiana. … Then I find out I get less delegates than Cruz because of some nonsense. … I say this to the RNC. I say it to the Republican Party: You’re going to have a big problem, folks, because the people don’t like what’s going on.”
[. . .]
Sanders seems to be shorted every time he wins a primary or caucus. And the insurmountable hurdle he faces was erected against folks like Sanders some time ago — the 700-plus superdelegates.
These are Democratic congressmen, senators, governors and Party officials. By more than 10-1, close to 500 of these superdelegates have lined up to back Hillary Clinton and stop Sanders.
[. . .]
The Democratic Party believes in democracy, up to a point — that point being that Democratic voters will not be permitted to nominate a candidate to whom the party elites object.
Richard Nixon’s 49-state triumph in 1972 cured the Democrats of their naive belief in democracy. Henceforth, the George McGoverns and Bernie Sanderses can run. But they will not be allowed to win.
Yet, since it is Trump and Sanders who have stirred the greatest passion and brought out the biggest crowds, if both are seen as having been cheated by insiders, then the American political system may suffer a setback similar to that caused by the “corrupt bargain” of 1824.
Andrew Jackson ran first in the popular vote and the Electoral College, but was short of victory. John Quincy Adams, who ran second, got Speaker Henry Clay to deliver the House of Representatives, and thus make Adams president. Clay became Adam’s secretary of state.
In 1828, Jackson got his revenge, winning the presidency. Clay would never make it. On his deathbed, Jackson confided that among the great regrets of his life was that he did not shoot Henry Clay.
[. . .]
Sanders has rallied the young and working class, turned out the biggest crowds and generated the greatest enthusiasm.
But on the Republican side, the Party has had the largest turnout in American history. And the reason is Trump.
[. . .]
If Sanders and his revolution are sent packing in Philadelphia, and Trump is robbed in Cleveland of a nomination Americans believe he won, political disillusionment, and political realignment, may be at hand.

Will Trump Be Swindled in Cleveland, Too?
Monday - April 11, 2016 at 10:53 pm
By Patrick J. Buchanan

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