April 11, 2016

Atlanta, GA Lawyer, 59, Arrested In Mexico, After Suspicious Death of Disabled Model Girlfriend, 36

Happy: Tamra Turpin's sister said the 36-year-old was happy with her new boyfriend. 'He has a property by the river and he invited us all there for a party last summer. 'We went boating and he seemed nice.'

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The family of a disabled woman allegedly murdered in Mexico by her much older lawyer boyfriend are demanding answers - and have pointed to a number of discrepancies in his story.
Tamra Turpin, 36, from Union, Missouri, was found dead on Wednesday in her hotel room in the luxury Playa del Carmen resort near Cancun. Her death first ascribed to an overdose of prescription medication.
After an initial autopsy revealed she had been strangled, 59-year-old John Loveless was arrested by Mexican police as he attempted to board a flight to Atlanta.
Loveless, an attorney specializing in personal injury, remains in custody in Mexico and is being questioned by authorities about Turpin's death.
Now Turpin's sister, Jodi Turpin Mills, 43, has told Daily Mail Online the facts she has just 'don't add up'.
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Remembered: 'She was a very strong personality,' Jodi Turpin Mills said. 'She was fun-loving, she had a band that she liked to follow and go and see. Tamra loved summer time. Boating, floating and riding motorbikes.'

The family also raised concerns over reports that Turpin had overdosed on prescription medication, telling Daily Mail Online that although she had attempted suicide once before, she was 'very happy' in the run up to last week's events.
'She did attempt suicide once but she said afterwards that she would never do something like that again,' said Mills, of Mexico, Missouri.
'I can't say that she would never have tried something like that again but she had been so happy, so loved. I think she had more friends than she ever realized.'
Mills said the first inkling she had that something was wrong came the night before Turpin's death, when Loveless called to say she was acting erratically.[. . .]
'He told me they had been arguing, and that she had got very upset and had taken a lot of pills. I think they had been drinking.
'He told me he was taking her to hospital, so I told him to look after her and to tell me what happened.'
The next morning, Mills received a further call from Loveless, this time to say Turpin was 'acting funny' and had had a series of seizures.
'I said he should take her to hospital again and he said he would. I asked to talk to her as well but he said she didn't want to.
'Forty-five minutes later, he called me back and said she was OK and was lying in bed, resting comfortably.'
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Loveless and Turpin are thought to have known each other for around four years before becoming romantically involved 12 months ago.
Turpin, who was left with chronic joint pain and migraines following a car accident at the age of 16, was unable to work full time but did pose nude for art classes at a local university and, says her sister, was 'proud of her body'.
'She was a very strong personality,' says Mills. 'She was fun-loving, she had a band that she liked to follow and go and see.
'Tamra loved summer time. Boating, floating and riding motorbikes. She went to a lot of fundraising events too and she loved her pets – they were like her babies.'
Now Mills says she has been left 'numb' by her sister's death but is angry at the lack of official information – and at the surprise development that Loveless was allowed to request a second autopsy on Turpin's body.
'Right now, we're waiting to hear the results,' she said. 'It was done at her boyfriend's request. I don't know why he was allowed to do that.'
Loveless, who is divorced with two adult sons, is currently being held in Cancun, where he briefly appeared before a judge on Friday.


EXCLUSIVE: Tell us what happened to Tamra! Family of disabled woman 'murdered' on holiday in Cancun by older lawyer boyfriend beg for answers
Tamra Turpin, 36, was found dead in her hotel room in Cancun, Mexico last Wednesday of a suspected overdose
But an autopsy found she was strangled and her boyfriend, John Loveless, 59, from her hometown of Union, Missouri, was arrested
Now her sister Jodi Turpin Mills tells Daily Mail Online she wants Loveless to come clean about what happened because the facts 'don't add up'
Loveless, a personal injury attorney, has been given permission from his prison cell to have second autopsy performed
Mills says he told her about her sister's death by text message hours after documents show she was found dead
'If it was an overdose, then I want to know. If it wasn't, then I want to know that too,' she says
PUBLISHED: 15:52 EST, 9 March 2016 | UPDATED: 18:56 EST, 17 March 2016

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