April 13, 2016

Anti Semitism Growing In United Kingdom

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The world has been horrified by the rapid growth of the mosquito-borne virus Zika that has spread through all of South American and has threatened the United States. The virus may cause birth defects in children and neurological problems in adults. The World Health Organization has declared a global emergency to deal with the virus as the world faces an increase in the widespread levels of the virus.
No one except certified lunatics or perhaps the villains in James Bond movies are likely to call for an increase in the Zika virus. But an unfortunately large number of people, neither certified or uncertified lunatics, are keen on spreading another virus, the cancer of anti-Semitism, that is spreading throughout the world. Yet, like Zika, anti-Semitism is a public health risk and requires a coordinated international response, including perhaps the WHO, and immediate international action. As in the case of Zika, finding a vaccine to counter the virus of anti-Semitism may take years but the task must be undertaken because the cancer is growing and must be eliminated.
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At the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combatting Anti-Semitism held in Berlin on March 14, 2016, the British Minister for Justice Michel Gove remarked that anti-Semitism is not just the oldest hatred in the world, it also a virus that mutates.
In Britain today the virus has found a home in people of all political persuasions.
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The virulent disease of anti-Semitism must be eradicated. It should be the task of all political leaders, particularly a leftist leader like Jeremy Corbyn, not simply to criticize anti-Semitism, an action that is commendable, but also to distance themselves from the carriers of disease. Researchers throughout the world are seeking to find the formula for expelling the virus Zika. The political and social leaders of the world should similarly expel the carriers of the virus of anti-Semitism from all rational and respectable organizations.


April 5, 2016
Shame on the British Left
By Michael Curtis

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