December 18, 2015

OK To Stereotype Some People, But Not Muslims

We are often reminded that concerns about Muslim terrorists can be offensive to law abiding Muslims living in the United States and elsewhere. We're told it is not only unfair to think awful thoughts about law abiding Muslims, but also that it has the effect of radicalizing other peaceful Muslims. But we never hear about how providing special privileges to Muslims who openly express hatred toward and threats to kill Jews, Americans and to destroy Israel may offend ordinary Americans. What is the effect on them of the hate speech and threats? Does it radicalize Americans? But there is another extremely troubling effect of terrorist speech and actions on the lives of all Americans. That is the loss of freedom. It will likely be a permanent loss. Simple things that ordinary people can no longer do including but are not limited to going to an airport, buying a ticket and getting on a plane without having to be inspected by bureaucrats. Another is going to a football game without having to be inspected by security guards. There are many others but you get the idea. Americans are losing their freedoms due to the extreme acts of a small group of Muslims. The White House claims they are not Muslims as if he knows. He says they are just killers. Why is he more concerned with protecting the warlike acts against Americans, than the loss of Americans' freedom?

The same White House explains that people are to be treated as they see themselves. Thus there are white men and women who say they are black. Men who say they are women and women who say they are men. Psychiatrists and the human services industrial complex (MA State Rep. Marie Parente's term) accept what people say if they believe they are mentally ill or not. Although when it is helpful to the human services industry to have more patients they often provoke people who do not believe they are crazy.

The process is called self identifying. Why does the system of identification of humans not apply to people who say they are Muslims?

Similarly we are told that it is not fair to stereotype all Muslims for the actions of a few. But every day in courts police, prosecutors, judges and lawyers openly assert that a defendant "has a history of mental illness. Does that mean that mental illness causes crime and violence? That all people accused of mental illness are dangerous? It is a pervasive belief in this country yet there are no White House efforts to protect the many harmless humans accused of psychiatrist diagnoses from the few criminals. Why are Muslims more important than persons with disabilities? Does it have to do with numbers? There are estimated 1.6 billon Muslims in the world. Is this simply bullying by this large group of religious people?

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