December 27, 2015

Cambridge, MA Teacher Opposes Misguided Priorities

Rose Levine with students

This teacher expresses a rational observation about imposing tests on local schools by government bureaucrats. There is no transparency who decided to limit the choices to two tests, and no option to eliminate them. Recall the scandal in Atlanta where administrators went to prison for altering test results to cover-up poor statistics. No mention of the role of teacher unions in this process. See e.g., award winning teacher John Taylor Gatto's book, Dumbing Us Down.

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it's all part of the same, failed attempt to measure what cannot be measured using tools that are inaccurate and crude. Schools have not always been this way. Schools need not continue to be this way.

LETTER: Standardized testing is not educationally meaningful
By Rose Levine
Fifth-grade teacher, Graham & Parks School
Posted Dec. 26, 2015 at 8:15 AM
To the editor:
Cambridge Chronicle
Rose Levine, fifth-grade teacher, Graham & Parks School

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