December 26, 2015

Religious Nuns Travel World Rescuing Sex Slaves And Children Slaves

They will go to whatever lengths needed to rescue the women. They tell tales of women forced to go without food for a week and eat their own faeces for not meeting the pimp's demands. Pictured: An Indian brothel.

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An army of nuns is travelling the world posing as prostitutes on street corners and in brothels as they try to rescue women and children held prisoner by human traffickers.
For the last 11 years 1,100 'religious sisters' have been working in 80 different countries, going undercover to save some of the hundreds of thousands sold into modern slavery every year.
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'I'm not trying to be sensational but I'm trying to underscore the fact this is a world that has lost innocence
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John Studzinski, a vice chairman of U.S. investment bank The Blackstone Group, said the treatment of some victims was horrific.
He told of one woman enslaved as a prostitute who was locked up for a week without food, [. . .] when she failed to have sex with a target of 12 clients a day.
In another extreme case, one woman was forced to have sex with a group of 10 men at the same time.
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The religious sisters would go to any lengths the rescue them
'These sisters do not trust anyone,' he said.
'They do not trust governments, they do not trust corporations, and they don't trust the local police. In some cases they cannot trust male clergy.
'They work in brothels. No one knows they are there.'
The sisters were also proactive on trying to save children being sold into slavery by their parents, setting up a network of homes in Africa as well as in the Philippines, Brazil and India to shelter such children.
He said the religious sisters of Talitha Kum raised money to purchase these children.[. . .]
The group, which was set up in 2004, estimates one percent of the world's population is trafficked in some form, which translates into some 73 million people. Of those, 70 percent are women and half are aged 16 or younger.
'These are problems caused by poverty and equality but it goes well beyond that,' Studzinski told the Trust Women Conference on women's rights and trafficking.
Studzinski said the religious sisters working to combat trafficking would go to all lengths to rescue women, often dressing up as prostitutes and going out on the street to integrate themselves into brothels.
Studzinski said the network of religious sisters, that was in the process of expanding, also targeted slavery in the supply chain with sisters shedding their habits and working alongside locals for as little as 2 U.S. cents an hour to uncover abuses.

The undercover nuns posing as prostitutes in brothels around the world to rescue sex slaves held prisoner by human traffickers
Some 1,100 'religious sisters' currently working in 80 countries globally
In the fight against slavery, they dress as prostitutes and buy children
But the problem is now so widespread they are expanding to 140 countries
Companies have even been hiring the nuns to check their supply chains
By Reuters and Flora Drury For Mailonline
Published: 06:42 EST, 18 November 2015 | Updated: 07:39 EST, 2 December 2015

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