December 22, 2015

Robert Spencer Advocate Against Muslim Terror, Delayed, Harassed On Way To Speak in Canada

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While traveling to Canada to speak, Robert Spencer found himself delayed at Toronto Airport while the authorities checked some things. Checked some things = scrutinized all of his belongings and queried him. Among other things, they wanted to know where he had traveled in the past. When he listed a number of European countries, they were surprised he’d been to Germany because, they said, Germany has very stringent “hate speech” laws.

It was at that point that Spencer realized why his travel plans were being delayed.
For three hours.
After that time, Spencer was allowed to enter Canada. Though not before his interrogators wrote down the details of his speaking schedule (names, addresses, dates, and times).
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In a presentation sponsored by the Jewish Defense League, Spencer gave what I think is one of his most outstanding speeches (here).
ISIS promised to send terrorists to Europe, have stated they already sent 4,000, and more are on the way.

The Lebanese Education Minister said that of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, 20,000 are active Islamic terrorists.
Although the refugee crisis is based in Syria due to civil war, half of all Muslim refugees are not Syrians and are coming to the West with forged Syrian passports.
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He began by explaining how Muslims emigrating from Islamic countries (with forged Syrian passports in hand) is rooted in the origins of Islam.
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two verses in the Quran that afford some guarantee that a Muslim will avoid hell.
Chapter 9, Verse 111 says that “paradise is guaranteed for those who kill and are killed for Allah.” This becomes a foundation for Muslims to kill non-believers and be killed in the process. In so doing, they are assured entrance into Paradise.
Chapter 4, Verse 100 states that if you emigrate in the name of Allah, Allah will owe you a reward. In this way, a Muslim may also be assured they will go to Paradise when they die.
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Spencer then explained what it means to emigrate in the cause of Allah, stating that Tariq ibn Ziyad, one of the Muslims who conquered Spain, ordered all the boats burned after they reached the shore because he was determined that he and his men would take control of Spain or die there. This relates directly to 4:100, where the Quran states that if you die in a new land, Allah will reward you.
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Spencer then asserted that the current refugee crisis is a hijra based on statements by the Islamic State as to their intentions, estimates from the Lebanese education minister regarding terrorists who have infiltrated the refugee population, the fact that some of the jihadists in Paris were refugees who had recently arrived, and the primary demographic of Muslim refugees as young, able-bodied males between the ages of 18 and 40. Spencer also finds it suspect that men who presumably live in a war zone would leave their wives and children to dash off to Europe, noting that this is not a typical profile of true refugees.
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Spencer then spoke about Obama’s lunatic and failed plan to vet “moderate” rebels in Syria (a process that cost us half a billion dollars) as a quest to identify an army of “ideologically pure, trustworthy moderates” who were not tied to Assad, al-Qaeda, ISIS, or any other terror organization. And this army would beat everyone, and all would be well! Well, as Spencer noted: “They got 50 guys” (= ten million per man). And after giving them new trucks, the latest weaponry, and military training, we sent them into the Syrian war zone to win the war against Assad and all of Islamic terror. One could, of course, guess the outcome of this certifiably insane plan. The mission failed as all 50 men were captured or killed, or they turned everything over to ISIS.
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But after reading the ISIS manual that maps out their plan for the West, even he was “deeply unnerved.” Central to their detailed plan is infiltration of Western nations with as many operatives as possible (such as via refugee resettlement). Once they’re here, they’re trained to blend in so as not to draw attention to themselves and to show (foolish) Westerners there’s nothing to worry about.
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He urged everyone to persevere and never give up, stating that it’s up to each of us to exert maximum influence in our sphere of influence

December 15, 2015
Anti-jihadist Robert Spencer barely makes it into Canada to deliver speech
By Carol Brown

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