December 18, 2015

Universities Infected With Social Virus Destroying Intellectual Freedom and Inquiry

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Can we rid the campus of these misguided fools? Are we condemned to an academic life where free and open discussion is subordinated to creating “safe spaces,” trigger warnings, and formal channel to report professors who accidently (sic) hurt somebody's feelings?
The situation initially appears bleak. Forget about stiffening the administrative spines -- these apparatchiki were chosen by virtue of their cowardice and lack any incentive to expel, let alone arrest, disruptors. Similarly useless is reasoning with these fools. That a non-negotiable demand is impractical, too expensive or illegal hardly settles the matter in this quest for a Utopian fantasy.
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What about the little Stalinist snowflakes and buttercups who insist that they cannot learn unless instruction is thoroughly cleansed of anything associated with the white, oppressive, capitalist patriarchy and that the school’s primary educational mission is to expand diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion? Let me suggest that the best antidote for this fantasy is to let them spend their junior year (or more) in an academic setting that resembles this daydream so they can see for themselves.
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Better yet, how about a junior years at one of several hundred universities in sub-Sahara Africa? Not all that difficult since many use English as the instructional language and these universities would be delighted to receive the hefty tuition that would otherwise be paid to Dartmouth or Yale. No doubt, those American students who feel stifled by the hyper-white Ivy League would academically thrive at, say, the University of Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria that offers numerous academic programs in a highly diverse setting. Residing in Nigeria and other post-colonial African nations is surely the perfect escape from the evils of white-dominated Western civilization.
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ridding the campus of the SJW folk will improve higher education and do so without much upheaval. Undergraduates will now on average be smarter, work harder and will no longer substitute feelings for knowledge. As an added bonus, schools like Yale and Brown that have shamelessly surrendered to the SJW mob will regain some lost intellectual prestige.

December 17, 2015
Ridding the Campus of the Social Justice Pox
By Robert Weissberg

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