December 28, 2015

Ex-Cambridge, MA Mayor Laments "Unfair" Competition

Parking, standing and stopping laws apply to Uber and Lyft as well as other vehicles on the road, contrary to comment by ex-Mayor Galluccio. Is it legal for them to wait in taxi stands? State law limiting idling to five minutes applies to ride sharing vehicles too.

[From article]
Ride-sharing drivers can roam and troll and wait anywhere.
[. . .]
During peak travel hours, as many as four thousand Ubers sit idling, waiting for a Smartphone hit. Look around, they are everywhere: Burning gas, taking up precious parking spaces and blocking traffic while taxi drivers are parked in cab stands
If we don’t stand up for fairness now, we will be sorry later.

Guest column: Uber is getting a free ride
By Anthony D. Galluccio
Posted Dec. 23, 2015 at 2:24 PM

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