December 28, 2015

Black Youth Visit Malls After Christmas and Create Nuisances

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American has a new Christmas tradition: Black mob violence at malls.
In the days before, during, and after Christmas, 15 malls reported large-scale episodes of rioting, shooting, looting, rampaging, fighting, throwing rocks at police, damaging cars and more.
Two black people died.
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Others said the riot was a long tradition in Towson and the result of black people in Baltimore not having enough free recreational opportunities, so they go to the mall and create havoc instead.
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North Riverside Park [Chicago] became the first shopping center in Illinois to implement what is known as a youth escort policy. It restricts anyone under 17 years old from entering the mall after six p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays unless they are accompanied by an adult over 21.”
After that, no more “teen fights.” At least until now.
At the Deptford Mall in South Jersey, police herded a crowd of 500 “teens” into the parking lot after they were creating mayhem in the mall. Police and mall officials were closemouthed about why they kicked so many shoppers out of their place of business. But did report lots of violence in the parking lot, and mall employees said theft was a problem too.
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The violence and riots began the same day that a spokeswoman for Black Lives Matter appeared on CNN to say that black people are under constant threat from white racism and police harassment.
Safety for black people is “an illusion.”
“Especially.” she said, “at airports.”

December 28, 2015
America's Newest Christmas Tradition: Black Mob Violence at Malls
By Colin Flaherty

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