December 21, 2015

Crime Increases In Colorado After Marijuana Legalization

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Colorado's marijuana legalization experiment, Denver's 2015 crime wave cranks up yet another notch.
November's crime data is out for the city, and it doesn't tell a pretty story. There were another eight murders in Denver during November, bringing the year-to-date total to 50, which is more than 72 percent higher than last year's numbers.
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In 2014, marijuana legalization advocates were claiming that the opposite trends would take place. Crime should decrease, they said, because marijuana use doesn't lead to criminal behavior, and the decriminalization of the substance should reduce organized crime associated with the sale of a formerly illicit drug.
If the data so far is any indication, the Pollyannas were wrong.

December 19, 2015
Denver's 2015 post-marijuana legalization crime wave intensifies
By Sierra Rayne

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