December 20, 2015

Explanation for Misguided White House Actions, Priorities of Democrats and Republicans

This essay is extremely helpful explaining the actions of the White House over the past seven years but also a well funded political effort of more than 50 years in American history. The goal is a one world government, globalism. There are conflicting narratives raised by the many politicians and useful idiots funded by George Soros and others who promote the destruction of national boundaries.

Global warming, climate change is the venue through which the basis for one world government is being promoted. The appearance that the White House supports Islam over Judeo-Christian values is related. Islam is a supremacist religions with the goal of dominating the world and eliminating other religions.

Stirring up racial divisions through funding of black nationalist organizations helps keep Americans divided. George Soros and his foundations support the creation of one world government. A few years ago the former Republican Governor of Massachusetts co-authored an essay in Foreign Affairs the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations. It advocated the elimination of the borders between the United States and Mexico and between the United States and Canada. The authors alleged the goal was security. Similarly the creation of the European Union destroyed barriers between free travel between European countries.

Globalism explains the remarkable policy of Angela Merkel in Germany to allow up to one million migrants from the Middle East. There are many actions of governments and corporations alike which appeared curious until scrutinized through the prism of globalism.

The transfer of millions of jobs by moving factories to China, India, Mexico, and other countries after Bill Clinton supported NAFTA shows that business interests, drive the move toward globalism. Weak elected officials act on behalf of corporate interests to break down national boundaries.

Destroying stable autocratic governments assisted this effort toward globalism. Ridding the Middle East of Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Anwar Sadat, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashir al-Assad makes it easier to eliminate national boundaries. This essay may not provide solutions to this problem. But it does illuminate the problem and make it clear what is going on without any open discussions. The last trillion dollar Congressional Budget passed contrary to numerous promises by Republicans shows that even the new US House Speaker is also a globalist.

The many Republican candidates who attack Donald Trump also show their fear of being exposed at promoting the destruction of the national sovereignty of the nation. It is a long essay (these are only excerpts) but well worth the time.

[From article]
The regulatory bureaucracy depersonalizes tyranny, diluting its real meaning with legalistic paperwork and soporific incrementalism. The bureaucratic labyrinth, with its officious, abstract, uncommunicative language, is the perfect guardian for the craven greed and power lust that occupy the offices on the top floor but dare not show their true faces in a "democratic" society.
[. . .]
The Paris Agreement is repetitive, dull, and full of provisos and addenda tacked on to appease various factions.
[. . .]

The entire Agreement is predicated on the assumptions that (a) the global mean temperature definitely will rise by more than 2 °C over the next century, despite the awkward absence of recent warming commensurate with rapidly increasing GHG levels, and (b) that the only means of preventing this calamity is fascistic economic intervention. Almost two hundred national governments, including those of the entire developed world, signed on to this wildly speculative but politically transformative proposition.
[. . .]
But the true heart of the Agreement, and its clearest concrete achievement, appears in Article 2, paragraph 2:
2. This Agreement will be implemented to reflect equity and the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, in the light of different national circumstances.
This statement, parsed carefully, is just a clunky, bureaucratic rendition of the principle Karl Marx borrowed from French socialist Louis Blanc: "From each ['common but differentiated responsibilities'] according to his ability ['respective capabilities'], to each according to his needs ['different national circumstances']." This sentence, in nearly identical phrasing, is repeated throughout the document to reinforce the point that this Marxist collectivist ideal, applied at the global level, is the guiding principle of the entire Agreement.

[. . .]
In other words, the commitment to economic control is total, though the implementation of that control will of necessity be gradual.
[. . .]
Establishing ever-greater bureaucratic regulation of private citizens' lives, and an ever-tighter interweaving of industry and government, is the point. In other words, the real problem the globalists are trying to solve is not excessive CO2, but excessive freedom, which is an intrinsic threat to the only kind of sustainability a ruling establishment cares about, namely the sustainability of its privilege.
[. . .]
we are talking about the development "beyond previous efforts" of crony capitalist industry, along with increased taxation to be used, not for the benefit of the overtaxed citizenry and unfairly restricted private businesses, but rather "taking into account the needs and priorities of developing country Parties" -- in short, redistributive justice.
[. . .]

It does, however, firmly entrench man-made global warming as a scientific truth with the official endorsement of all the world's governments, now including the U.S., Russia and China. Furthermore, it gives official approval on behalf of all the world's governments to the principles of Marxist interdependency and redistribution, government-corporate alliances aimed at restricting private action and free markets, and the aggressive use of state propaganda to promote a tyrannical agenda.
[. . .]
The globalists are elated because they know they have taken their greatest leap forward, with the world's most powerful government, having access to the world's biggest cookie jar, now officially on board and fully committed to the goals of supra-national government and global redistribution. This really is historic. It symbolically ends progressivism's long struggle against all national resistance to its twin goals of global rule by an unelected elite and the gradual dissolution of national sovereignty. This is the breakthrough progressives of every stripe have been yearning for. Climate change may finally fulfill its promise as the vehicle whereby traditional nationhood -- the ultimate bulwark against the universalist dreams of tyrannical souls -- is weakened beyond repair.
[. . .]

They will use fear tactics and the machinations of an administrative apparatus answerable to no one to weaken national sovereignty worldwide, with the aim of establishing unlimited global politico-economic authority.
When progressives say they desire equality, they mean power and wealth. When they say they want to save the planet, they mean they want to protect their power and wealth. When they say "people over profits," they mean all people other than themselves should live without profits. When they talk of peace, they mean universal submission. When they speak of sustainability, they mean coercively restricted growth and development for "the masses." And when they speak of "global governance," well, they mean global governance

December 18, 2015
Global Tyranny Just Getting Warmed Up
By Daren Jonescu

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