December 18, 2015

Kuwait Airlines Refuses to Accept Israeli Passengers From New York City To London

A Kuwait Airways plane
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Kuwait hates Jews so much that its national airline has ditched a popular and lucrative New York-to-London flight rather than allow Israelis on its planes, authorities said Thursday.
Kuwait Airways killed the flight to spite American officials, who threatened to pull the airline’s permit to fly to the United States if they continued discriminating against Israeli passengers.
The airline says they cannot allow Israelis on the planes because the Middle Eastern kingdom prohibits it citizens from doing business with citizens of the Jewish state.
“On December 15th, Kuwait Airways informed the United States Department of Transportation that they will be eliminating service between JFK and London Heathrow,” said a department spokesperson.
The airline has at least twice refused to let customers with Israeli passports buy tickets on flights from
New York to London because of the Islamic state’s ban on trade with Israel.
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“They should show some gratitude that they even have their dictatorial little half-assed country,” said Lancman.
The airline will still run its New York-to-Kuwait flight from JFK, but since Israelis are not allowed in the country, the feds cannot require them to allow Israelis on that flight. The lawyer for Eldad Gatt, the Israeli citizen who tried to buy a ticket on the New York to London flight in the fall of 2013 and was denied, said he does not plan to drop his suit against the airline and that he would like a formal ruling that the airline is discriminating against Israelis.

Jew-hating airline cancels flight rather than allow Israeli passengers
By Danielle Furfaro
New York Post
December 17, 2015 | 1:14pm

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