December 27, 2015

President Putin Publishes Calendar

November: 'Dogs and I have very warm feelings for one another,' reads the accompanying quote.

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Brace yourself for the Putin 2016 calendar.
Famous for his topless horse riding, shirtless fishing and bare-chested shooting, Russian president Vladimir Putin has been celebrated in the Putin 2016 calendar, produced by Russia's 'Stars and Advice' magazine.
The twelve shots reveal both the president's tough and sensitive sides, although he is resolutely covered up (for the most part).
But while he keeps his clothes on, the posed pictures are no less bizarre.
Each picture sets the Russian supremo in natural settings and are accompanied by nationalistic quotes.
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British student Jack Archer picked up a copy in October from a kiosk in St Petersburg, where he's spending a year studying Russian.
'I bought it from a kiosk in the metro and it cost 78 roubles.

Now you can spend all year with Vladimir Putin! New calendar features the Russian President in a year's worth of bizarre hunky poses
2016 calendar promises 'All Year With the President of Russia'
Cost 78 roubles, approximately 70 pence
Pictures show the Russian president cuddling a puppy, sniffing a flower and fishing topless
Each month is accompanied by a nationalistic quote
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By Isabel Hunter For Mailonline
Published: 16:10 EST, 26 December 2015 | Updated: 07:11 EST, 27 December 2015

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