December 23, 2015

Conjoined Twins 3-months-old, Successfully Separated

Doctors successfully separated the sisters, who shared a liver, during an operation in India last week.

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Three-month-old conjoined twins who shared a liver have been successfully separated by doctors in India.
Sisters Jannat and Mannat were born joined at their abdomen and lower chest - a condition known medically as omphalopagus - and had a combined weight of just 6.6 lbs.
They were delivered at a private hospital in Barara, a town in Ambala district, near Chandigarh, on August 27.
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It is the first time such a surgery has been successfully carried out at the PGIMER, the doctor said.
Doctors carried out a series of tests including CT and MRI scans to find out which organs the sisters shared.
They found that the twins had a conjoined liver but thankfully, the rest of their organs were separate.
Dr Kanojia said that such separation surgeries on conjoined twins are generally performed when the children are over a year old.
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It was the first time the surgical team at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in India had performed an operation to separate conjoined twins. The girls have been recovering in hospital.

However, it was decided that despite the twins only jointly weighing 9.2lbs at the time of surgery, any delay could hinder their growth.
A 30-member team worked for eight hours to separate the twins, ensuring each baby had enought of the vital organ to live a normal life, on November 23.
It was led by Dr Ravi Kanojia, assisted by paediatrics surgeon Dr Jai Kumar Mahajan.
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The twins were expected to be discharged from hospital today.

Conjoined twin sisters attached at the chest are successfully separated - and expected to make a full recovery
Sisters Jannat and Mannat were born in August joined at the abdomen
Diagnosed with omphalopagus where the abdomen and chest are joined
They had a combined weight of 9.2lbs when the operation was carried out
The pair are expected to make a full recovery and be discharged today
PUBLISHED: 08:11 EST, 1 December 2015 | UPDATED: 19:08 EST, 1 December 2015

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