December 29, 2015

US Government Publishes Website Explaining to Black Men How To Rear Their Children

This is one practice predicted by George Orwell that the government would raise children not parents. The destruction of marriage is well on its way and the government is getting ready take over rearing children.

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If you're a black father reading this, have you ever wondered whether you should spend time with your kids? The federal government thinks this question stumps a lot of you, so it has set up a website called to give you some clues to the answer. The site doesn't explicitly say "black," but most of the photos and literature for it feature black dads.
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4) Another web page mentions something called the "National Park Service." Apparently this organization has parks all over America! A black father could find a park and take his child to one of them! (Though hopefully not a national park like Mount Rainier, where black people don't feel welcome!)
5) The website also suggests that black dads take their kids to something called "public libraries," which apparently have a lot of books – all of which are free! There is even a link that shows black fathers how to search for these "public libraries" in their neighborhoods.
6) There is an online form where black dads are invited to take a pledge to take care of their black children. Once they fill out the form, they are pledged to take care of their kids!
7) There is even a link to a National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse Hotline, where black dads can call the government to find out how to be responsible dads. Just try not to abuse your kids while you are waiting on hold!
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Questions for discussion:
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3) How do mothers know to care for their kids if there is no website instructing them?
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6) If anyone else but the federal government produced such a patronizing website for black people, how many seconds would it take for him to be labeled as racist?
7) Which is worse: the epidemic of single parenting in the black community or the federal government thinking it can be fixed by giving irresponsible black dads a website to teach them how to feel affection for their kids?
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Thomas Lifson adds:
The sad truth is that this campaign is probably necessary. We can’t openly discuss the problems with contemporary black culture without being called racists. So the federal government ends up patronizing black males.

December 28, 2015 teaches black fathers to care for their kids
By Ed Straker

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