December 21, 2015

Sanctuary Cities And Murder of Kate Steinle

Kate Steinle

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When Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco, the most troubling aspect of her death was that it could have been prevented. The alleged murderer had been convicted of seven felonies, and deported five times. He should not have been in the city at all. Yet even with the public outrage over this irresponsible action by law enforcement, the San Francisco board voted to keep its sanctuary policy, setting up similar scenarios in the future.
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This reflects the unbelievable attitude created by Democrat-run cities that they can pick and choose those who reside in their cities as long as those new residents vote for them and keep the wealthy teacher and other public unions employed. It is a clear violation of Federal law done for profit and political power.
But there may be a silver lining to this cloud of corruption. These actions are so outrageous they have created an opening for a lawsuit. And on December 4, 2015 a lawsuit, filed by a Los Angeles Law Firm and Judicial Watch, may have far reaching implications for all American cities. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of San Francisco City and County resident Cynthia Cerletti. Cerletti’s lawsuit is based on California’s common law taxpayer standing doctrine and Code of Civil Procedure § 526a, which allow any citizen to sue government officials to prevent the unlawful expenditure of taxpayer funds.
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Democrats in the U.S. Senate filibustered a measure to crack down on sanctuary cities by stripping funding from communities such as San Francisco that refuse to cooperate with Federal immigration law. This proves that illegal immigration is not created by businesses who want cheap labor but by Democrats who want residents in their cities and states.

December 18, 2015
Sanctuary City Policy Finally Challenged In Court
By Michael Bargo Jr.

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