December 17, 2015

Cambridge, MA Promotes Bike Paths, Pedestrian Use of Sidewalks and Roads

An idea seldom mentioned by anyone other that yours truly, is to ban pedestrians in the city. A simple ordinance requiring pedestrians to enter a vehicle when they are not in a building would provide lots of room for more bike lanes. Councilor Kelley is correct that drivers do not look for bicycles or pedestrians when turning. A thoughtful HUPD campus officer almost hit me when I was in a crosswalk. More evidence of negligent training for that group of "safety" officers. Also unmentioned are the coming-to-your-town-soon, driverless vehicles. The MBTA tried out driverless trains earlier this month. It worked well with no injuries, but the innovative driver was fired for taking his initiative. Also unmentioned is the growing use of drones by civilians and officials alike. Then there is the growing use of robots who reportedly will replace humans. Are you ready for the future?

Bike lanes, 'smart' parking meters discussed at Cambridge transportation roundtable
By Natalie Handy
nhandy (at)
Posted Dec. 17, 2015 at 3:04 PM

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