December 16, 2015

Massachusetts Governor Recruited To Study Chicago Police

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Imagine Deval Patrick advising anybody about anything, but most especially about law enforcement? How long does Mayor Rahm Emanuel have to leave that knee-slapper up on his city website before he wins the joke?
Of course this is about what Tom Wolfe used to call “steam control” — keeping the lid on the “community.” Emanuel broomed this cop shooting under the rug until after he was safely re-elected last spring.
Now Deval is brought in to stand behind the mayor and be what he always has been — window dressing.
Do you suppose he held out for the same per diem he was planning to grab from Boston 2024 — $7,500 a day?

Carr: Deval Patrick’s advice as good as his record — a joke
Howie Carr
Wednesday, December 02, 2015
Boston Herald

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