June 9, 2016

Westford, MA Concentrated Marijuana Operation Busted

Westford, MA Group Photo After Arrest

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A police raid on a sprawling home in Westford uncovered a fully stocked basement drug lab, where police say a 22-year-old man processed pot into “dabs” — a potent marijuana extract — while selling the drug from his parent’s driveway and making drops to buyers from the family mailbox.
Westford police and federal drug agents arrested Bradley Heath II yesterday, along with his father, mother, sister and two friends — all of whom, prosecutors say, must have been aware of the drug den that held $29,000 in goods because the $829,000 home reeked of pot.
In court, prosecutor David Kete said: “It would almost not be possible not to notice the odor of the marijuana.”
A lengthy investigation relying on confidential informants concluded that Bradley Heath manufactured and sold dabs from the Mountain View Lane home that police described as a well-known “party house.”
According to police, Heath made the dabs by saturating marijuana buds with lighter fluid — or butane — resulting in a yellowish honey-like substance.
Heath, who was arrested in 2014 for selling “N Bomb,” a dangerous synthetic LSD that three juveniles overdosed on, branded his basement-vintage dabs “Gold Street Extracts,” police said.
Prosecutors said Heath would also “blast” people’s marijuana for them into dabs for a fee.


Cops: Westford clan’s home was a drug factory, reeked of weed
Brian Dowling
Thursday, June 09, 2016
Boston Herald

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Cops stormed the four-bedroom house - which has its own swimming pool - following a tip-off about drugs possibly being made on the 3,855sq ft property.

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A family-of-four are among six people who have been charged after a DEA raid uncovered an alleged marijuana oil lab at their sprawling suburban home.
Officers arrested Bradley Heath Sr, 63, and Diana Heath, 61, their son Bradley Heath Jr, 22, and their daughter Linley Heath, 28, on drugs offenses following the search on Wednesday.
Heath Jr's girlfriend, Lyndsey Holston, 20, and Linley Heath's friend, Prachi Joglekar, 22, were also detained by agents at the home in Westford, Massachusetts.
Cops stormed the four-bedroom house - which has its own swimming pool - following a tip-off about drugs possibly being made on the 3,855sq ft property.
As soon as they entered the property, officers could smell the lab's 'overwhelming odor', which was found in the basement, CBS Boston reported.
Drugs worth around $29,000 were found inside, police said.
A bomb squad had to be called during the search because the butane oil used to make the substance is highly flammable, according to the Boston Globe.
'Their alleged lab operations compromised the safety and security of their neighbors, as well as the law enforcement officials who arrested the suspects today,' Middlesex district attorney Marian Ryan said.

Pictured: Marijuana extract product referred to as butane honey oil - the same product being produced at the Heath home. Hash oil can be up to four times more potent than the normal drug.

Marijuana oil - also known as hash oil and dabs - is made by running butane through cannabis to create a honey-like substance that is up to four times more potent than the normal drug.
Police and the DEA believe the family was manufacturing the narcotic on their property and selling it under the name Gold Street Extracts.
The parents - who are real estate agents - did not know about the lab, their attorneys said, despite living in the property with their son and daughter.
An attorney for Heath Jr and Holston said they both had medical marijuana cards.
Heath Jr was charged with distributing LSD in 2013, although it is not clear what the outcome of criminal proceedings were in that case.
Holston's personal blog contains an array of pictures of marijuana and related drugs paraphernalia, however she is not seen using these or cannabis itself in any of the images.
Jogelkar 'likes' a medical marijuana page on Facebook, as well as other cannabis-related pages.
The six appeared in court together on Wednesday and all denied manufacturing and possessing marijuana. They also all denied conspiracy to break drug laws.
Heath Jr was also charged with possession with intent to distribute a Class D substance, possession of a Class B, and driving with a suspended license
Heath Jr is being held on a $30,000 bail, but has also been denied bail for violating his probation by being charged.


Family-of-four ALL charged after DEA raids their sprawling Massachusetts mansion and 'find marijuana oil lab in the basement'
DEA raided suburban home and found an alleged marijuana oil laboratory
Parents Bradley Heath Sr and Diana Heath, as well as son Bradley Heath Jr and daughter Linley Heath were arrested and charged
Heath Jr's girlfriend Lyndsey Holston and Linley Heath's friend Prachi Joglekar were also charged
Alleged lab and $29,000 in drugs was found in sprawling home's basement
Police believe family were selling oil under the name Gold Street Extracts
All six deny a string of drugs offenses
PUBLISHED: 00:43 EST, 9 June 2016 | UPDATED: 09:05 EST, 9 June 2016

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