June 21, 2016

AFDI Needs Support To Protect Freedom Of Expression

Despite the overwhelming pushback and danger, we continue to fight on fiercely. The war is in the homeland, and it's only just begun.
One year after the first ISIS attack on our free speech event,jihad in America has spiked -- Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando -- accompanied by more sharia enforcement prohibition on discussing the ideology and motive behind the slaughter. Which is why we are kicking off new ad campaigns.
AFDI ads of Muhammad's quotes are going up on 100 London taxis on the 27th.
London buses refused our ads, despite running Islamic prayers on their bus-sides. So we are putting our ads on 100 London taxis .... they go up this week, but it's bloody expensive.

That's not all.....
Our film crew is Europe as we speak, filming interviews with Geert Wilders, Bat Ye'or, Douglas Murray, Lars Vilks (a Danish Muhammad cartoonist) and English ex-Muslim journalist Raheem Kassam. The film title, Can't We Talk About This? is taken from Theo Van Gogh's last words before a Muslim beheaded him in broad daylight on a street in Amsterdam.
The film will be the first-ever documentary treatment of the decades-long Islamic war against free speech, detailing the full shocking story of how the West is readily capitulating and self-censoring in order to avoid offending Muslims -- in effect, adopting Sharia restrictions on speech. We are working on Netflix distribution and a release in small theaters across the country.
We will be creating a New York City bus campaign for the anti-jihad film.
We need your help. Would you consider a contribution to the taxi and bus campaign? Your support is crucial.
The war is in the information battlespace, and the leftist/Islamic machine is working to shut down all
opposition to its sinister authoritarian agenda.

Facebook tried to censor me, but the blowback was so fierce, we were reinstated.
"Facebook and Reddit accused of censorship after pages discussing Orlando carnage are deleted in wake of terrorist attack," Daily Mail
Facebook shuts down 'Stop the Islamization of America'Arutz Sheva, Israel National News
Banned & blocked: Facebook & Reddit censor users after Orlando massacre Russia Today
Facebook is a key tool for people to exchange information that is not available from the mainstream media, and to circumvent media disinformation and censorship. Now that Mark Zuckerberg, under pressure from Angela Merkel and others, has adopted a policyof censoring news that portrays Muslim migrants in an unfavorable light and reveals the jihadi motivations of the Orlando killer, a primary avenue for disseminating politically incorrect information is being closed. Zuckerberg is unwittingly serving the sharia imperative of prohibiting criticism of Islam, and striking a tremendous blow against the freedom of speech, the cornerstone of any free society.
Our pages on Facebook and Twitter reach over close to half a million people a day. That's huge.

Help us
UPDATE: Boston Beheading Plot
It is critical to educate as many freedom-loving Americans as we can, as quicling as we can. The Obama administration is removing all references to Islam from jihad terror. The Orlando 911 transcripts were redacted of ISIS references. Omar Mateen was a walking time bomb and the Feds did nothing.
The Feds knew about the Boston jihad plot to behead me for months and did nothing.
"Rovinski and Wright were under investigation for months on suspicion they were plotting to kill anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller. They were arrested, however, only after Usaamah Abdullah Rahim — Wright’s uncle — was shot by police officers last June when he allegedly attacked one of them with a knife. Rovinski and Wright were later indicted and are awaiting trial on charges that they tried to establish a local terror cell."
So unless a jihadi attempts to kill police officers on their way to behead an author and activist who works in defense of freedom, or shoots up a gay nightclub in Orlando or a Christmas party in San Bernardino, then we are all on our own, no matter how many red flags were raised -- as evidenced in Orlando, San Bernardino and Chattanooga.
This must end. We must declare war on the jihad doctrine. The key is education -- and growing the movement.

AFDI: Attention: Pamela Geller
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