June 30, 2016

Minnesota Gentleman, 35, Accused of Decapitating Facebook Friend, 20, Who Was Accused of Raping Girlfriend of Accused Decapitator

Thoresen from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, has been charged with second degree murder after he supposedly beheaded 20-year-old David A. Haiman (pictured). Thoresen's girlfriend told police he raped her.

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A 35-year-old man has been accused of decapitating a friend who allegedly raped his girlfriend.
Joseph C. Thoresen from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, has been charged with second degree murder after he supposedly beheaded 20-year-old David A. Haiman.
He was arrested after he ambushed the victim, attacked him and then brutally slayed him, prosecutors say.
Thoresen's girlfriend told police he was upset when she told him she'd been raped in the apartment they shared.
Haiman showed up at their apartment after Thoresen invited him over.
The suspect's girlfriend then started kicking and punching her alleged sex attacker.
Thoresen also hit Haiman and said he should not have raped 'my girl', the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.
The trio then left the apartment to go and smoke marijuana with other people. They are then believed to have met up with another friend to take methamphetamine.
Police say they then drove around in the woods before pulling over.
Thoresen and Haiman were standing in front of the vehicle, when Thoresen allegedly hit Haiman with a baseball bat.
According to a police report he then stabbed him in the back and abdomen.
Thoresen then took the machete, decapitated Haiman and threw the head in the woods.
Haiman was reported missing on Saturday. Police first found his torso on Sunday morning, and then his head about an hour later.
The pair were listed as friends on Facebook before the attack.
Haiman first came to the attention of authorities early last week when he didn't show up to work.
His missing vehicle was spotted late Friday night, with Thoresen in the passenger seat.
The driver took off but was caught several miles later. Thoresen was briefly detained at the scene, the Star Tribune reported.
The driver told the officer that Thoresen was threatening him with a knife during the pursuit.
He also claimed Thoresen confessed to decapitating Haiman and stealing his car.


Minnesota man 'decapitated friend accused of raping his girlfriend with a machete and dumped his body in the woods'
Joseph Thoresen, of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, is facing murder charges
He is accused of beheading 20-year-old friend David A. Haiman
Suspect was allegedly upset after his girlfriend told him she'd been raped
She claimed Haiman had attacked her inside the apartment they shared
Thoresen allegedly invited Haiman to their home and attacked him
Pair and his girlfriend then went out and smoked marijuana with friends
As they were driving home, Thoresen is said to have hit Haiman with a bat
He stabbed him twice, chopped of his head, and threw it away, cops say
PUBLISHED: 14:50 EST, 29 June 2016 | UPDATED: 15:36 EST, 29 June 2016

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