June 27, 2016

Texas Police Shoot Dead Mother After She Killed Her Two Daughters

Madison (above) worked as a babysitter, while Taylor (below) was a student at Lone Star College.

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Taylor Sheats who was gunned down along with her sister, Madison, by her own mother on Friday was to have been married today.
Daily Mail Online has learned that Taylor, 22, had planned to marry her fiancé, her boyfriend of four years, Juan Sebastian Lugo in a small ceremony today.
The couple then planned to have a larger wedding ceremony after her graduation from college.
Instead, her grieving fiancé's sister, Maria, was left to post a tribute to the dead girl on what should have been the start of her married life.[. . .]
The heartbreaking development comes as new details have emerged of the horrific events that took place in a quiet family neighborhood in Katy, Texas, last week when Christy Byrd Sheats, 42, killed her daughters, shooting them down in the street outside the family home when an argument spilled over into violence.
Now Daily Mail Online has learned that husband, Jason, 45, only narrowly escaped becoming his wife's third victim when a neighbor opened her door to him allowing him to run to safety.
The neighbor, who asked not to be named, told of how she opened her door on hearing gunshots only to be confronted with the image of Christy pointing her gun directly at her husband, Jason.
She revealed: 'She went to shoot but had run out of bullets. When she went to reload Jason ran into our house and said "Call 911."'
Recalling the horrific events that took place in the quiet, family oriented neighborhood last week, the neighbor said: 'Christy had stabbed the girls before she shot them.
'I looked out and I saw her standing over one of the girls with the gun pointed at her and she shot her as she lay on the ground.'

Christy Sheats (pictured) was killed by a responding police officer after she refused to drop her pistol.

Visibly distressed by what she had witnessed the woman described Madison, 17, and Taylor, 22, as 'good girls' but said that there had been 'issues' with Christy for a long time.
She said: 'She should never have had a gun – Jason is a nice man but there were issues with her.'
Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office on Monday released further details about the events of Friday afternoon and the circumstances leading up to the fatal shootings.
A deputy from Ford Bend County Sheriff’s Office and an officer from nearby Fulshear responded to the shooting at about 5pm to be confronted with the horrendous scene of both Madison and Taylor lying, dead and dying, in the road – Christy Sheats was still holding the gun – a .38 caliber handgun - and refused to put it down.
The Fulshear police officer fired a single shot and killed her.
Investigators have now learned that it was Christy who called her family together earlier that day for a family meeting inside their home.
Jason and daughters Madison and Taylor joined Christy in the living room. It was during that meeting that Christy held up a gun and shot both girls.
The girls and their father managed to get out of the house but Madison collapsed and died on the street outside.
Her father ran to the end of the cul-de-sac as his wife followed behind, chasing Taylor and shooting her another time.
Jason managed to escape suffering the same fate when a neighbor opened her door to him, saving his life.
Meanwhile his wife had returned to the family home, reloaded and returned to the street to shoot Taylor where she lay.[. . .]
The Sheriff’s Office has revealed that they responded to 14 calls to the Sheats’s residence since January 2012.
Some calls were alarm issues, they said. They refused to give details of the other calls citing legal reasons.
Neighbor Geno Hernandez, 42, recalled the Sheats as 'good neighbors' and revealed that Taylor had been away at college and was only visiting her parents and sister to celebrate her father's birthday that Friday.
He said: 'I watched the girls grow up here since they were about 10 years old – they used to play out on the street here. Taylor was into softball.
'They were friends with my son. Jason and the girls were always friendly, they'd always wave when they went past but Christy kept to herself.
'When we were having barbeques in the street she would never take part. I don't know whey they separated when they did but she had only quite recently moved back.
'You just kind of got the impression with her [Christy] it was all about her – all the selfies and what have you. She was very into herself.'
The mom, who was shot dead by a police officer after fatally wounding her daughters, had a history of mental illness and altercations. She and Jason, 45, had only recently reunited after a separation.
Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Caitilin Espinosa told People that officers had been to the Sheats' home 'for previous altercations'


EXCLUSIVE: Daughter gunned down by mom in Texas was due to marry today - and her mother STABBED both her daughters before shooting them and trying to kill her husband
Christy Sheats shot both her daughters - Madison, 17, and Taylor, 22, to death at her home in Katy, Texas on Friday
Mother, 42, was shot dead by police as she reloaded and appeared to be about to shoot again
Taylor had been due to marry her fiance, Juan Sebastian Lugo, today in a small ceremony, to be followed with a larger celebration later
Lugo's sister paid tribute to Madison and Taylor, saying they were 'the sweetest, most wholesome and caring girls in my life'
Fresh details have emerged of the horror of the shooting in town just outside Houston on day of Christy's husband Jason's birthday
Neighbor tells Daily Mail Online both girls had been stabbed before they were shot and that husband only escaped when wife went to reload
Jason, 45, is sole survivor of shooting by his wife, who had history of mental illness and with whom he had just been reconciled
Sheriff's department says she used five-shot .38 caliber handgun, shot both daughters, went inside, reloaded and shot Taylor again
PUBLISHED: 13:58 EST, 27 June 2016 | UPDATED: 17:36 EST, 27 June 2016

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