June 13, 2016

Florida Police Rescue Dog Trapped in Septic Drain

Puppy in peril: Hearing the whimpering cries while on assignment, sheriff's deputies in Florida discovered a puppy in a collapsed septic drain.

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A dog that was found abandoned in a septic tank in Florida, has been adopted by the police officer that rescued him.
Deputies in Fort Pierce in St. Lucie County were out serving papers at nearby homes when they heard the dog whimpering in the distance.
Upon following the sounds to determine the source, it was found that a puppy had become stuck, neck deep, in a collapsed septic drain.
Thankfully, the officers were able to free the animal which would have surely died sooner or later.
While the dog wanted to get out of the drain, it became agitated when the deputy approached, so officers ended up using a catch pole to drag the animal out of harms way.
Scared and exhausted, the little dog was given several baths to clean him, before police began to stick up fliers around neighborhood in the hope they might be able to track down the original owner.
In the end, nobody came forward to claim the cute canine and so one of the hero deputies decided to adopt the pooch for himself.
'He had been balancing on his back legs to keep his head above the water,' said Deputy James Gettings, who now owns Puddles, to TCPalm. 'I don't know how long he had been in there. His hind legs weren't working once we pulled him out.'
Humane Society staff in St. Lucie neutered the puppy and gave him vaccinations,
After all that was done, the puppy was clean, able to walk again and given a clean bill of health.
Puddles is just a few months old. 'He mostly likes to lounge around,' the deputy said. 'He loves being home.'
Puddles joins Getting's family that includes his wife Rachael, their two-year-old daughter Evelyn, and their basset hound, Lacie.

A dog's life: After the deputy who found the dog and adopted him, the cute little puppy is now living in comfort.


Call me puddles! The dog rescued from a septic drain and adopted by hero deputy
Officials said deputies found the animal after serving papers to a home
They heard whimpering and found the dog trapped in a collapsed septic drain
After rescuing and bathing the dog, police searched for the owner, but no one claimed him.
The dog was adopted by the officer and is living in a clean, comfortable home
PUBLISHED: 23:51 EST, 12 June 2016 | UPDATED: 03:18 EST, 13 June 2016

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