June 28, 2016

History and False Beliefs, The War of 1812, PBS Feature

"The warriors and the soldiers who survived the War of 1812 went home, grew old and died. In the end what lived on was a story about history; how its glories are enshrined in the heart of a nation. How its failures are forgotten, how its inconvenient truths are twisted to suit or ignored forever." From PBS's The War of 1812.

In this brief history of the war of 1812, the producers explain how the nations of the United States, Canada, but also native Americans have a distinctly conflicting view of this war. In this two hour feature one learns the origins of the phrase, "Don't give up the ship." Why the USS Constitution is called Old Ironsides. How the Star Spangled Banner was created, and the country and western version of history in the song by Johnny Horton, The Battle of New Orleans. Little of what Americans believe is true. But many hold their beliefs strongly. H. L. Mencken calls this the human condition. 


Battle of New Orleans, In 1814


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