June 22, 2016

Identical Triplets Born to North Carolina Couple, One-In-A-Million

The three girls, born on May 6, were conceived naturally - making them even more rare.

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They're a one-in-a-million phenomenon and almost identical from head to toe.
But look down at the feet of triplets Grace, Stella and Emily and you'll find the purple, blue and yellow nail polish that helps their parents tell the newborns apart.
Gavin and Kimberly Fradel, of Wake Forest, North Carolina, were in shock when a doctor revealed in November that their son wouldn't be getting one new sibling - but three.
The triplets were conceived naturally, making them even more rare.
'I almost fell off the table,' Kimberly told ABC 13. 'My first feeling was sheer panic.'
But the couple's fear of a high-risk pregnancy and juggling three new additions to family quickly subsided as friends, family and their employers banded together to help the parents.
'Once we got over the initial shock and we received so much love from people...we just felt, "Okay, we can do this,'" Kimberly said.
'We're not doing it by ourselves. We're doing it with the community, and a community of people who love us, love our children, and the support has just make it okay.'
Kimberly said Gavin, a teacher, stepped up during her pregnancy, playing 'mom and dad and cook' all while studying on the side to get his master's degree in science education.
'He pretty much did everything because I could do very little,' she said.
Gavin was in the middle of teaching a class on May 6 when he received the call that Kimberly was in labor. His students cheered as he left for the hospital.
The very next day, three hospital father bands on his arm, Gavin received his master's degree.
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The parents were thrilled with their three new daughters, but two-year-old Gavin Jr wasn't as excited the first time he saw his sisters in the hospital.
'He turns around and said "Daddy, take them back,'" Fradel told ABC News. 'I hugged him and said, "Son, I can't take them back. They're your sisters.'"
But now Gavin, who has down syndrome, only has love for little Emily, Stella and Grace, often kissing them on the head.
'He's a really good protective big brother,' Kimberly said. 'I believe all four of them are going to have unique gifts and love for each that and will take care of each other for the rest of their lives.'
Although they get through 30 diapers a day and have to care for the newborns in shifts so Kimberly can pump and breastfeed, the couple's only complaint is they don't get to hold their girls more.
'With our son we were able to hold him because he was the only child, hold him a lot,' Gavin said.
'You need to share the amount of time that you can hold each girl.'
But the parents said it has been amazing watching the girls' already form a bond with each other.
'They seem not to mind because there's three of them and they hang out together, Gavin said.
'They're each other's friend already. This early we can tell that they're going to have each other throughout this life.'


They're one-in-a-million! North Carolina couple gives birth to rare identical triplet girls... Who they tell apart by painting different colors on their their toenails
The triplets were conceived naturally - making them even more rare
Kimberly Fradel gave birth to Grace, Stella and Emily on May 6
Said the entire community has rallied to help her and husband Gavin
The couple go through 30 diapers a day and care for the babies in shifts so Kimberly can pump and breastfeed
But said only thing they wish is that they could hold their daughters more
PUBLISHED: 11:29 EST, 21 June 2016 | UPDATED: 11:57 EST, 21 June 2016

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