June 20, 2016

Kentucky Police Capture Gentleman Who Escaped From Georgia Prison 37 Years Ago

Billy Burchfield was serving a 16-year sentence for manslaughter when he escaped 37 years ago and had been on the run ever since.

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A man who escaped from prison in 1979 and eluded authorities for nearly four decades has been arrested in eastern Kentucky, police say.
Billy Burchfield was serving a 16-year sentence for manslaughter in a Georgia jail when he broke out 37 years ago - and he has been on the run from the law ever since.
Police say the 67-year-old stole the identity of his cousin Harold Arnold after he died and was living under that alias when the cops finally caught up with him.
Laurel County Police say they were able to track down Burchfield after receiving a tip from law enforcement in Jackson County, Georgia that he was living as Arnold in the area.
Detectives went to a house in Laurel County on Wednesday night and spoke with the occupant who denied any knowledge of Burchfield.
But after he submitted for fingerprinting, Kentucky State Police fingerprint technicians and the FBI were able to determine that he was a match for Burchfield.
Gilbert Acciardo, spokesman for Laurel County Police Department, said Burchfield had lived without incident in the county since fleeing jail.
'Probably somebody like that is going to fly under the radar,' Acciardo said. 'You (would) have to keep your nose extremely clean and apparently that's what he's done.'
When he was approached by police on Wednesday night, he denied he was a fugitive and continued to deny it after being fingerprinted, Acciardo said.
'He's saying he's not that person,' Acciardo said.
No one answered the phone Thursday at a phone number listed at the London, Kentucky, address where Burchfield was living as Harold Arnold.
Burchfield is being held in Kentucky as a fugitive until he is extradited back to Georgia, Acciardo said.


Convict 'who escaped from jail and spent the next FOUR DECADES on the run using the alias of his dead cousin' is finally caught
Billy Burchfield was serving 16 years for manslaughter in Georgia in 1970s
But the 67-year-old escaped in 1970 and has been on the run ever since
Police finally caught up with him in Kentucky after receiving a tip off
Burchfield was living under his dead cousin's identity, according to police
Denied he was an escaped convict but his fingerprints matched Burchfield
PUBLISHED: 11:57 EST, 16 June 2016 | UPDATED: 19:44 EST, 16 June 2016

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