June 16, 2016

"You better shut up!" FBI and Police Threats, Intimidation

It should be apparent that the FBI is unable to protect civilians from terrorists and mass murderers. Even if they are capable, the White House will stop them. With all of their technology and behaviorist psychologists they cannot distinguish between dangerous violent criminals and harmless government critics. White House restrictions make it impossible for accurate screening. Especially when the civilian also criticizes the FBI and police for criminal abuses of power, and attacking a person with a legal disability.

In previous posts on this blog I explained some of the 45 years of abuses by FBI criminal informants, police employees, crime families, and Communists in three states.

The FBI interviewed the Orlando Muslim terrorist mass murderer three times. There was a fourth report from a gun dealer about the same individual. Yet he was able to acquire an automatic rifle, and ammunition legally, and to walk into a crowded dance hall and slaughter 49 persons and wound 53 others. No one was watching this child of a Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan whose father hated the United States.

Some of the 49 victims of the Orlando Mass Terrorist Murder


Gun shop told FBI about ‘suspicious’ Mateen before slaughter
By Shawn Cohen and Sophia Rosenbaum
New York Post
June 16, 2016 | 12:58pm | Updated

As reported several times previously I am a 70-year-old white heterosexual male with a B.A. degree from Columbia University in The City of New York. I attended law school in Boston when the FBI began harassing me in 1970. This continued as a reaction to my lawful political activity protected by the U.S. and Massachusetts Constitutions.

In 1973 government psychiatrists drugged me for 80 consecutive days using hallucinogens, contrary to law. They believed I was a spy. Police scared me and used me for 15 years to fight organized crime. They did not pay me one cent. Instead they recruited a black homosexual who worked for the FBI and who was watching me in New York City 1968-1970, and his now wife, a white lesbian. I dated the woman for three months in law school without knowing she was a lesbian. The FBI paid them to pretend to be my friends.

They broadcast for 35 years, character assassination, "He's a retired drug dealer." and "He's crazy." That was added to slander by the California crime Syndicate, "He's a racist." and to more from Communists, "He's homeless, crazy and a high school dropout." There is more but it requires a lengthy book to include it all. This is all prologue to June, 2016 when Harvard University campus police, black and homosexual (victim status brings deniability), with a black, homosexual, FBI informant (redundant?) from New York, and one local self identifying psychiatrist, conducted more criminal abuse and harassment, slander and character assassination.

A Boston attorney who exposed the Boston FBI and crime boss, James Bulger's abuses in 1995, recommended that if you have a problem with FBI informants you should contact the state attorney general. When residents of South Boston reported to the FBI that Bulger was selling drugs in Southie, the complaints were referred to Bulger's handler John Connolly, Bulger's boyhood friend, now jailed for homicide in a Florida prison. Bulger killed those men who were exposed by the FBI in Boston. 

I did as the lawyer suggested. As I understand it the state attorney general would refer my complaints about police and crime family abuses to the above-mentioned couple pretending to be my friends. They would continue their slander, "He's crazy and a retired drug dealer." Thus nothing was done to stop the abuses.

John Connolly, Ex-Boston FBI Agent, handler of James Bulger, Boston crime boss

What makes this all so ludicrous, is that all I have left is this pitiful blog to express myself. My social, political and economic lives were destroyed in 1973, and never recovered due to relentless harassment and character assassination. There was non stop surveillance by one or another police agency. Harvard University lawyers repeatedly tell me, "No one reads your blog." Yet on June 16, 2016 the above mentioned black Harvard University campus police and FBI informant from New York threatened me, "You better shut up." That was a day after I entered some comments about public comments by Cambridge city officials and Harvard University officials about the Orlando massacre. It shows how fragile politicians and university officials are. It appears that Roger Morris was correct describing the preferred leader in recent history. In his book, Partners in Power, he said they are weak with relaxed rectitude. Look around you to see if it applies.

Once again it shows that law enforcement priorities are upside down. No one was watching violent criminals with a long record of arrests and convictions. They only target harmless citizens. See e.g.,


No one was watching Muslim children of immigrants who kill by the dozen. But they continue to harass me, keep me under surveillance, and slander me after 45 years of character assassination. Disgraceful, disgusting and despicable describe these dolts.

The multi billion dollar taxpayer funded public heath industrial complex cannot keep people informed about threats to their health, or prevent spread of serious illnesses. See, e.g.,


C.D.C. Reports 234 Pregnant Women in U.S. With Zika
JUNE 16, 2016
The New York Times

Yet the misguided political leadership of the Democrats and the White House cannot understand and oppose the growing number of Americans civilians who are arming themselves. See, e.g.,


Gun Shop Owner: AR-15's Flying Off Shelves at $500 a Pop
By Nick Giampia 
Published June 15, 2016
Fox News

The state and federal governments are at best unable to protect law abiding civilians. It is likely they simply refuse to protect law abiding civilians, and target critics. Do self serving, deceptive officials expect us to lay down and allow government thugs and Muslim terrorists to slay us all? 

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