June 22, 2016

Cambridge City Councilors Send Mixed Messages and Metaphors

Unmentioned is corporations are employing robots or electronic screens instead of paying workers higher wages. How long before robots are elected to the council? Mr. Mazen does not mention higher prices, called inflation, due to higher minimum wages. He sounds almost delusional expecting what the council does to affect national policy. Saying it is a moral issue, speakers do not identify how and why. Is the morality evil for society. businesses and some workers? Councilor Simmons mixes metaphors arguing for more bandwith counter to the net neutrality movement. Has she flipped?

[From article]
a task force be charged with establishing recommendations on the ideal minimum wage in Cambridge, and how to best implement the increase without creating unintended consequences in Cambridge or elsewhere.
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“I’ve seen incredible results. Businesses by virtue of raising wages and raising their costs ever so slightly have seen no decrease in business, but increase in revenue,” Mazen said.
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seeking to conquer things bigger than just Cambridge, Mazen said. This move can help push the issue at a state and possibly federal level, he said.
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During public comment, many residents said this was a moral issue
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Mayor Simmons said it’s important to look at how income affects affordable housing and how they are related.
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raising the minimum wage, which she said gives Cambridge more bandwidth


Cambridge task force formed for $15; raising minimum wage called a 'moral' move
By Natalie Handy
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Posted Jun. 22, 2016 at 8:55 AM

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