June 24, 2016

United Kingdom Votes To Leave European Union. White House, Hillary Clinton On Wrong Side of History

73 percent of eligible voters voted. Ireland and Scotland voted to remain. England and Wales voted to leave. 

Leave 51.9%
VOTES 17,410,742 VOTES

RemainVote share
VOTES16,141,241 VOTES


Brexit Upends Global Markets as Stocks, Pound Plunge; Yen Soars
James Regan
Sofia Horta E Costa
June 24, 2016

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British voters chose to “leave” the European Union on Thursday, defying the polls — and President Barack Obama, who had urged Britain to “remain” in the EU. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had also urged Britain to stay in the EU. Only Donald Trump had backed the campaign to leave.
Republican strategists had panned Trump’s decision to travel to the UK in the midst of campaign turmoil, and in the wake of his blistering attack on Hillary Clinton earlier this week.
Now, however, it looks like a risk that paid off handsomely, in the currency of foreign policy credibility.
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Trump, who happens to be in Scotland to open a golf resort, promised in May that leaving the EU would not put Britain at the “back of the queue,” and said: “I think if I were from Britain I would probably want to go back to a different system.” He reiterated that support last week, telling the Sunday Times: “I would personally be more inclined to leave, for a lot of reasons like having a lot less bureaucracy. … But I am not a British citizen. This is just my opinion.”


Brexit: Britain Votes with Trump, against Hillary, Obama
23 Jun 2016

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