June 29, 2016

New York Mayor Blames Billionaires For "The Problems in This Country"

George Soros, billionaire. Is he the cause of the nation's problems?

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The world is on fire, America is deeply divided and deeper in debt, and many city schools are failure factories — but Bill de Blasio has the answer.
“I think billionaires are a lot of the cause of the problems in this country,” he declares.
It has been said that to a hammer, everything is a nail. So it is with New York’s Leftist-in-Chief, whose warped worldview is shaped by resentment of other people’s money.
He’s got a giant chip on his shoulder about wealth and doesn’t like it when the rich resist his agenda. How dare they spend their money to oppose him!
From there it follows that their politics are illegitimate, and that he has every right to use the power of his office to defeat them. And despite state and federal investigations into whether he sold favors to some of those very same wealthy people, he’s absolutely convinced he’s done nothing wrong.
Those are the main takeaways from the mayor’sbreathtaking remarks to journalist Harry Siegel. His report of the 40-minute chat in de Blasio’s office begins with Siegel noticing a box of vinyl records on the floor, led by The Clash’s 1980 ­album, “Sandinista!”
Hmmm, so the old Warren Wilhelm Jr. changed his name (twice) and put on a suit, but he’s still a Sandinista at heart.
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And so de Blasio orders end runs around campaign laws because he’s trying to make the city “more fair.” Or, as he put it after engineering a second consecutive rent freeze for more than 1 million privately-owned apartments, “We are turning the tide to keep this a city for everyone.”
The socialists of yore would confiscate those apartments. The new ones just dictate the terms the owners must follow, as if the laws of economics, or the tides, can be repealed.
The existing impression that de Blasio is consumed with class warfare is reinforced time and again in the interview, as he returns ­repeatedly to his bogeymen — rich opponents.
“When I came into office,” he tells Siegel, “I had every reason to believe, given what I talked about in the campaign and given the many, many voices that spoke up against my agenda that happened to have a lot of money and power, we would soon experience a lot of very strong opposition.”
It began, he claims, “in the spring of 2014 when a number of hedge-fund figures funded an advertising campaign against me in terms of charter schools. So that very real concern that we would experience a kind of moneyed opposition that previous mayors have not was quickly proven real.”
Let’s unpack that lie wrapped in a justification. De Blasio won 75 percent of the 2013 vote, and there was no organized opposition, moneyed or otherwise.
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And there is more than a whiff of hypocrisy in his fund-raising. The mayor and his team raised millions for their slush-funds by soliciting donations from the very rich he so obviously detests.
Perhaps his remarks will be a wake-up call to his donors, who serve as useful idiots to his agenda. Of course, the businesses and developers who ponied up the cash wanted a favor in return, and the crux of the investigations is whether the mayor committed crimes in the process.
At least until the probes are resolved, New Yorkers are captive to a mayor who thinks the city would be nirvana if he had no opposition. He wants the city and state to be “like California, where Democrats have consolidated power” and hungers for “the maximum Democratic leadership and the maximum progressive policy.”
Here’s the truth. The People’s Republic of New York is already a one-party town, yet nirvana has never seemed more distant.


Rather than solve problems, de Blasio keeps blaming billionaires
By Michael Goodwin
New York Post
June 28, 2016 | 10:39pm

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