June 14, 2016

Cambridge, MA City Councilor Explains Orlando Terrorism

More evidence that among the morally superior victim class of elected officials in Cambridge, Massachusetts, bigotry toward persons with disabilities remains acceptable. Saying "you very clearly have someone who was mentally unstable," about the Orlando Muslim mass murderer, shows his absolute arrogance. Is he speaking for all Muslims? As a Muslim does he have special knowledge about how all Muslims think? Candidate Donald Trump was attacked for suggesting that Judge Gonzalo Curiel might be biased due to his Hispanic heritage. How does that conflict with employing a politician who is openly Muslim to explain why a devout Muslim American citizen killed 50 and injured 53? Is he expert in criminal justice? Did this politician examine the suspect, performing a psychiatric evaluation? Has he ever met the Muslim terrorist? Upon what does he base his diagnosis? Is the gentle Muslim City Councilor a psychiatrist too? If politicians are making psychiatric diagnoses, who needs psychiatrists? Is he saying that psychiatric illness causes terrorism, violence?

How does this Muslim politician explain reports that the Orlando gentleman terrorist visited the Pulse nightclub several times before he brought his guns and killed? How does he explain that the Muslim terrorist's first wife says he was gay? How do those reports support the politician's conclusion he was unbalanced? Are gays unbalanced? Criminal planning is unbalanced?

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In this case, I think you very clearly have someone who was mentally unstable, someone who was abusive, someone who was violent.
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I think employers, especially as a security guard training with guns, has some responsibility. Sure, if the mosque could’ve made some observations that would’ve been helpful, but this is someone who was kind of a loner ...


Cambridge city councilor talks Orlando fallout
Boston Herald Staff
Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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