June 15, 2016

Cambridge City Council Disrespects Christopher Columbus and Italian Americans; Outrage After Changing Columbus Day To Indigenous People's Day

"Councilor Nadeem Mazen, said he received a 'weird amount of racist backlash' on social media over last week’s vote. Mazen noted that when council makes a decision on one side of an issue, they are not standing against those with opposing opinions. [They're not? AHEM!] [. . .] When we stand for something in this room, it doesn’t mean someone should retaliate in racial overtones,” Mazen said. Is Councilor Mazen a black American, descended from southern slaves? Does he believe that disagreement is racist as many Cambridge residents and Harvard affiliates believe?
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"Councilor Jan Devereux supported the idea that all immigrants need to be celebrated equally." Will the City Council establish a day for every ethnic group, every religion and what about a day for people with disabilities, who are still abused by police, the FBI and get no protection from law abiding officials?
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Statue of Christopher in Columbus Circle, New York City, New York

"McGovern suggested an amendment to encourage schools to incorporate Italian-American education during the month of October" Why not a month for each ethnic group and nationality, and a month for people with disabilities, who are are still targeted for criminal abuse by public officials? Who needs to read, write, spell and add? Diversity now. Diversity forever.


Backlash over Indigenous People's Day prompts vote for Italian Heritage Day
By Natalie Handy
nhandy (at) wickedlocal.com
Posted Jun. 15, 2016 at 12:07 PM

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