June 2, 2016

University of Virginia Lawyers Practically Admit Rape Hoax of Woman Student

Subsequent reviews of the story found that there was no evidence of Jackie's claims. Above, students walk outside of the fraternity that was accused in the story.

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Lawyers for the alleged rape victim at the center of a now-retracted Rolling Stone article about the University of Virginia have practically admitted she made up the persona of her attacker.
In November 2014, Rolling Stone published an article on rape culture at the Charlottesville school that centered on the experiences of a student named 'Jackie' who claimed she was gang-raped by a group of fraternity brothers in an initiation ceremony. Jackie told reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely that she was lured to the frat house by one of the brothers, a student named Haven Monahan who she met in chemistry class.
The magazine was later forced to retract the article when independent investigations by the Charlottesville Police, the Washington Post and Columbia University found Jackie's story was unsubstantiated. Police also were never able to find evidence that anyone matching Haven Monahan's description even existed.
Following Rolling Stone's embarrassing retraction, UVa associate dean Nicole Eramo filed a defamation lawsuit against the magazine for their negative portrayal of her in the piece.
Then, last month, Eramo's lawyers made a stunning revelation in court documents, saying they found evidence that the email address belonging to Haven Monahan was accessed via the internet network at Jackie's lawyers' law firm in March - suggesting Jackie created the email herself and perhaps the entire persona of Haven.
On Tuesday, Jackie's lawyers responded to the accusations, saying they had indeed signed into the email account. Still, they refused to go so far as to admit that Jackie made up Haven's persona, as Eramo's lawyers allege.
One of Eramo's lawyers, Libby Locke, told The Washington Post that the filing shows her lawyers 'admit accessing it, which means Jackie is Haven, a point they’ve refused to answer all along.'
Eramos lawyers argue that Jackie made up the persona of Haven Monahan to make Ryan Duffin, another UVa student who Jackie had a crush on, jealous.


Lawyers for 'rape victim Jackie' at center of retracted Rolling Stone article 'practically admit she made up her attacker's identity'
In a court filing on Tuesday, lawyers for a University of Virginia student identified as 'Jackie' made a stunning admission
In November 2014, Rolling Stone published an article detailing how 'Jackie' was gang raped by a a group of fraternity brothers
Jackie told the reporter that the ringleader was a student named Haven Monahan, who she knew from chemistry class
Magazine later retracted the story after Jackie's claims were found to be unsubstantiated; There was also no evidence that Haven was a real person
UVa associate dean Nicole Eramo is now suing the magazine for defamation for their negative portrayal of her in the article
Last month, Eramo's lawyers provided evidence in a court filing that Monahan's email had been accessed at Jackie's hired law firm
On Tuesday, her lawyers admitted in a new filing that they had signed into the email account, though they still refuse to say Jackie created the email
PUBLISHED: 15:03 EST, 1 June 2016 | UPDATED: 16:29 EST, 1 June 2016

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