June 2, 2016

Daughter of US Congressman Uses Official License Plates For Lyft Ride Sharing

Representative Elijah Cummings' daughter Adia (pictured together at her graduation) used his car with Congressional plates while working for Lyft.

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Thousands of drivers work part-time for Lyft to make a little bit of extra money on the side, but not many of them are congressmen earning a $174,000 salary.
So it's no wonder eyebrows were raised when Democrat Elijah Cummings' Honda - complete with Congressional plates - was spotted picking up cab fares around Washington, DC.
The black car carrying a sticker for the car service app was spotted by eagle-eyed Lyft user Dustin Andres, who asked: 'So, which member of Congress drives Lyft in DC?'
The vehicle was carrying plates for Maryland's 7th Congressional District - which Cummings represents - as well as the pink Lyft logo.
However, it has since emerged that his daughter was the mystery taxi driver.
When questioned about the car, Cummings told the Washington Post that his daughter, Adia, was working part-time for Lyft to help pay her for college.
'In an effort to earn some extra money to pay her expenses at school, she signed up for a part-time position with one of the ride-sharing companies,' the congressman said.
'They, in turn, gave her a sticker to apply to the windshield of the car,' he added.
The plates allow drivers to park cars in designated areas near certain buildings in Washington, DC, including the Capitol.
Cummings says he has asked Adia to remove the plates but said she could continue to use the car, which he owns and is not taxpayer-funded.
Adia is looking for a job after graduating from Howard University in May.
'My daughter has now graduated from Howard and I could not be more proud of her,' Cummings told CNN.
'I have told her she can continue to use my car while she pursues full-time employment,' he added.
Lyft drivers do not have to own the car they use, but they must be insured.


Daughter of Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings uses his car with official plates to ferry Lyft passengers around Washington
Democrat Elijah Cummings' Honda was spotted sporting a Lyft sticker
Representative's black Honda was also carrying Congressional plates
His daughter, Adia, had been working for Lyft to pay for college expenses
Congressman apologized and asked her to remove the license plates
PUBLISHED: 23:13 EST, 1 June 2016 | UPDATED: 00:14 EST, 2 June 2016

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