December 17, 2015

White House Tries To Destroy American Civilization

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Since the beginning of the post World War II era there has been one constant that has been the stabilizing force in the world: the stature, power and influence of the United States. In the matter of a few short years the Obama presidency has deliberately and overwhelmingly eroded that distinction resulting in his goal of global instability.
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Mankind always has and always will have as their preeminent trait the need to survive, and to that end human beings are susceptible to committing crimes and exploiting their fellow man. Thus any society will always have many failings, but the key measure of any civilization is what it does to control these tendencies and strive for an equitable culture. No nation or culture in history has done more to advance the well-being of mankind than the United States and Western civilization.
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To Obama the radical jihadist movement is the tip of the spear to bring down Europe and the West.
Thus Obama and his fellow-travelers can justify bankrupting the country as well as promoting unfettered legal and illegal immigration as a necessary part of the re-making and absolution of the United States. He has no compunction in forcing Israel, as an outpost of Western civilization, to compromise and bend to all the demands of the Palestinians knowing those concessions will eventually spell the end of the Jewish state.
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Any so-called minor terrorist attack within America and Europe is a mere inconvenience and understandable due to the past sins of the United States and the West. Meanwhile he willingly discards old allies in the Middle East while turning a blind eye and tacitly promoting the radicalization of many countries in the region.
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The population of the continent is quickly aging as the result of a catastrophically negative birth rate -- the end product of nearly 115 million abortions since 1970. As a potential solution to this dilemma, the countries of Western Europe, over the years, have flung open their borders to immigration from Muslim nations in Africa and the Middle East. Germany is now welcoming with open arms a million and half unvetted Syrian Muslim refugees in the hope they will become assimilated and a source of future labor in order to maintain their economy and ballooning social programs. Yet nowhere in Europe over the past forty years have the Muslim populations truly assimilated nor will the overwhelming majority as their religion is anathema to western culture and values.
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The most insidious trait of the world’s so-called “best and brightest” is that they are incapable of admitting their mistakes. Instead of dealing with the harsh realities of the world today, far too many seek shelter in promoting vague climate change theories that may or may not happen in the next 100 years. Until the narcissism and ideology of today’s global ruling class, particularly in America, are replaced by those willing to face reality and act accordingly, the world will continue to become an exceedingly dangerous place.
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Instead what is needed is a potential president who can tame the Washington cartel, appreciates that the Constitution is a limit on government, understands that the most immediate enemy on the world stage the nation must confront is Islamic supremacy, and above all has the intelligence, demeanor, and ability to assume global leadership with quiet but firm self-confidence. The only candidate from either party that meets those criteria is Ted Cruz.

December 15, 2015
Barack Obama and the End of Western Civilization
By Steve McCann

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