December 17, 2015

Liberals Join Hamas Terrorists Broadcasting Character Assassination of Israeli Soldiers

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BDS lies when they call our brave soldiers “war criminals” and accuse the IDF of “war crimes.”
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To emphasize the point, the report states,
“The IDF not only met its obligations under the Law of Armed Conflict, but often exceeded these on the battlefield at significant tactical costs, as well as in the humanitarian relief efforts that accompanied its operation.”
Additionally highlighting the conduct of the IDF and the Israeli soldier the report recorded that,
“Where the high standards of conduct the IDF sets for its personnel have not been met incidents are investigated, including criminal investigations, through an independent mechanism under the oversight of the democratic institutions of the State of Israel. This mechanism clearly meets the requirements of legal recourse, judicial independence and democratic oversight that our own nations set for ourselves.”
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The team of overseas military experts reported on Hamas thus,
“Hamas not only flagrantly disregarded the Law of Armed Conflict as a matter of course as part of its terrorist-army hybrid strategic concept, but rather it abused the very protections afforded by the law for military advantage. It embedded its entire military machinery in civilian locations and sensitive sites, including those of the United Nations.
Hamas indiscriminately targeted Israeli civilians throughout the conflict with extensive rocket fire and willfully sought to draw the IDF into battle in a prepared urban stronghold amid the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza, for which it located its operational headquarters in Gaza’s main hospital.”
All these are war crimes.
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Lost in the malediction of cynical media misreporting and malevolent anti-Israel propaganda disguised as Palestinian human rights concerns is the fact that, during fifty days of war, Palestinian fired 4,564 rockets at Israeli civilian targets. Despite the UN statistics, which were adopted lies provided by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, a de factor Hamas Gaza, the real Gazan casualty figures show that 60% were men of fighting age, that many of the “children” quoted in the false figures were actually men in their 20s, that many Gazans were killed by Palestinian rockets aimed at Israel short-falling within Gaza and there is video evidence of Hamas conducting public executions of non-compliant Palestinians.
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The Israeli Air Force conducted over 5000 sorties over Gaza, IDF artillery mapped out and targeted large concentrations of terrorist activity throughout the Gaza Strip, tanks softened up intense areas of terrorist strongholds in urban areas in preparation for the entry of thousands of infantry soldiers who were forced to destroy booby-trapped buildings alleyways and uncover and destroy miles of terror tunnels, rocket sites, and weapon storage facilities as well as fighting civilian-attired terrorists coming out of houses and public buildings to attack them.

December 15, 2015
BDS lies when it calls brave IDF soldiers 'war criminals'
By Barry Shaw

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