December 13, 2015

Useful Omniscient Idiots Attack Soft Underbelly of Society, The University

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Though each disturbance has its own idiosyncrasies, all include demands that the university recruit more black faculty and students, forcefully “re-educate” all students and faculty to expel lingering anti-black racism and then do whatever is necessary to make the campus a warm, caring and, most of all, a safe space for communities of color.
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The ruckus is entirely about pushing the university leftward, and these immature campus social justice warriors are what Lenin called useful idiots. All the nattering about diversity and dialogue is a subterfuge; these hypersensitive snowflakes and fellow traveler thugs are just the ground troops in a much larger ideological war.
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for those unfamiliar with the latest Newspeak, censorship is now called creating “safe spaces
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Social justice warrior tactics are merely applying what was commonplace in Communist China -- public shaming whereby alleged perpetrators are paraded in public, often wearing signs announcing their misdeeds and then forced to give humiliating confessions of guilt. No doubt, unPC professors will now consider early retirement rather than wait for an angry mob of offended snowflakes to hound them into Leisure Village.
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The upshot, then, students will pay upwards of $50,000 in annual tuition to hear incompetents try to indoctrinate them in radical nonsense.
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It is naïve to believe that today’s administrators honestly see the contemporary university’s primary mission as discovering truth. Nor are they holding the line against barbarians at the gate. They are handsomely paid to keep the peace.

November 23, 2015
Useful Idiots Gone Wild
By Robert Weissberg

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