December 13, 2015

Accommodating Muslims Who Refuse to Assimilate

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radical Islamists were allowed to take over entire neighborhoods, in which all who enter must conform to sharia. French police will not enter without sizable reinforcements. Paris's government tolerated this nonsense to prove they are not racist; politely allowing invaders to take over their homeland – putting the lives of Parisians at risk. The deaths of over 100 Parisians is closely related to their government insanely submitting to political correctness – playing nice with evil.
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Parisians are restricted from having guns. Thus, the Islamic devils knew they were free to play God. The youths in that concert hall were totally at the mercy of the terrorists, who were free of concerns of facing armed resistance. Void of humanity, the evil terrorists freely executed helpless youths.
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Obama, wimpy Republicans, and citizens intimidated by PC are all guilty of playing nice with evil.
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contrary to Obama's insidious lie that the majority are widows and orphans, 72% of Syrian refugees are young men. It infuriates me that this administration lies and seeks to deceive us at every turn.

November 23, 2015
The Consequences of Playing Nice with Evil
By Lloyd Marcus

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