December 11, 2015

Trump, Lies, Media Distortion Concerning Racial Crimes

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hundreds of other news sites that recently called Donald Trump a “liar” for retweeting some misinformation about inter-racial crime.
These media sites will tell you there is no difference between white and black crime. The only reason black people are arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced five to 100 times more often is because racist cops pick on black people for no reason whatsoever.
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One, how do the professors and big time media folks know that blacks and whites commit the same amount of drug crime?
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This info is part of the census --- [. . .] Such as: ‘Do you use drugs? Or smoke pot?’ [. . .] They just take your word for it. [. . .] And that is how the ‘black and white commit the same amount of crime hoax” was born.
The buzzword for this kind of research is “self-reporting.” As you might guess, this research is itself the subject of a lot of research. And a lot of scientists have found that self-reporting on drug use is not reliable. Especially for one particular group: African Americans.
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A study of 290 African American men in Baltimore, Maryland undergoing treatment for hypertension showed that self-reporting of illicit drug use is unreliable. Only 48 of the participants reported drug use but urine drug tests revealed that 131 had used drugs. With self-reporting, drug use among black people was 16 percent. With testing, 45 percent.
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When you ask, white people and black people report using cocaine in about the same amount. But when you test, black people are six times more likely to use cocaine. And lie about it.
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For crime, it is: There is an enormous difference between black and white crime rates in this country. A difference that the same people who call Trump a liar have been lying about for a long time.

November 25, 2015
Trump a Liar? The Real Story about Deceit in Racial Crime Numbers
By Colin Flaherty

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