December 16, 2015

Propaganda Appears Everywhere

Great piece of propaganda. Outrage over MA state legislators traveling to Israel. But silence about City Councilors traveling under same legal gifts to other countries. Suggesting that state officials learn the legal system of Israel before going, is like Obama learning the legal system of Indonesia or France before going there. Oh, wait. He didn't do it. Israel and the letter writer cannot be believed but international sources can? The New York Times and the Boston Globe publish propaganda like this letter regularly. Are Israelis killing people because they are not Jewish? Non Jews can vote and hold office in Israel, a democracy. What is the situation in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, and Gaza? Under what system of international law is there such a thing as Palestinian land?

[From article]
legislators can take free trips from lobbies. This may be legal, but it certainly raises enormous ethical issues, especially for legislators who should be sensitive to conflict-of-interest concerns.
[. . .]
reviewing the Israeli legal structure with its carefully defined system of laws segregating non-Jews
[. . .]
we asked them to not necessarily believe what we write, nor what they will hear in the Israeli narrative, but to explore the nature of the Israeli occupation through international sources in order to arrive at their own conclusions.

LETTER: Massachusetts senators should rethink Israel trip
Posted Nov. 30, 2015 at 1:43 PM
Updated at 1:46 PM
To the editor:
John and Kathy Roberts, Huron Avenue

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