December 16, 2015

Harvard Law School Students Lament Racist Barriers To Their Successes

Whining snowflakes at Harvard Law School. If it wasn't for racism holding me back, I'd be in a better law school. Fighting fantasy racism is good for my career. I'll win when I appear before racist courts, for a racist corporate law firm, racist judges, and clients. Everybody is a racist except me and my fellow victims. It's those people with disabilities who rule the world. See how they dominate the faculty and the courts. Oh wait. There are none. What I could have been except for all the racists holding me back. Oh wait. It was because of my victimhood that I am at Harvard Law School. How to make that into being a victim? I know, black tape and an email. I am suffering so much. I can't stand it. It's not fair. If you hire some more black people I'll feel better and that will eliminate racism in the world.

[From article]
Deeming the meeting “an absolute joke” but also “an incredible moment” with so many affiliates of the school together, second-year Law School student Isaac Cameron took to a microphone and voiced a concern common among student speakers at the event.
“This was a moment for the campus to come together and discuss how Harvard Law School can deconstruct institutional racism, and we spent an hour where you spoke and we listened,” Cameron said. “I can’t think of a better metaphor that represents what’s wrong here on campus.”

At Meeting, Law School Grapples With Race Relations
“This is a time for serious challenge and serious action,” Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow says
November 30, 2015

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