December 12, 2015

Irrational Comparison of World War II Jewish Immigration, With Muslim Invasion in 2015

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conservatives’ opinion that such legal immigration must be suspended until such time as we are able to vet the potential immigrants to eliminate any possible terrorists, which the FBI says we are unable to do now. [Liberals] compare this cautionary measure proposed by conservatives to America’s refusal to admit to the United States in the 1930s Jewish escapees from Nazi Germany. In their opinion, we must let in all Muslims now to atone for our refusal to admit Jewish refugees from Nazism then. We hear this comparison from many liberal Jews, as well as from other progressives.
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Many of the refugee Jews escaping religious/racial discrimination in Germany, who were indeed returned there after being denied admission to the United States, died in death camps or while performing slave labor in Europe during WWII. But they were denied entry here, not because anyone thought we had to protect ourselves from them because they posed a danger to Americans. No one here conceived that the Jewish refugees would carry out terror attacks against Americans, sabotage American industry, or otherwise act against America’s interest should they be admitted to the United States. The suggestion would have been laughable.
These Jewish refugees were denied entry and safety here solely because of who and what they were: Jews. There was a high level of public anti-Semitism among Americans in the 1930s.
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President Franklin Roosevelt, who would push the American public opinion envelope only when he felt he must, as in his progressively greater American aid to Britain in the run up to America’s entry into WWII in the face of contrary public and government cabinet-level pushback, chose not to help these German Jews who were not wanted by the American public or his State Department, even though those escapees were harmless, and pitifully few in number.
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The charge is as inaccurate as it is odious. It is comparing apples to hand grenades.

November 25, 2015
Muslim Immigration Now vs. Jewish Immigration Then
By Michael S. Goldstein

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