December 12, 2015

Feminist Teachers Discriminate Against Boys

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War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. And inequality is equality – at least in the mind of Karen Keller, the Bainbridge Island Review, and their enablers.
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Keller, a kindergarten "teacher" at Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary in Bainbridge Island, Wash., was refusing to let the boys in her class play with Legos during free play time.
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If you're acquainted with the mental illness masquerading as teaching philosophy today, you can imagine this woman's problem. As the BIR explained, "Keller … watched with discouragement as self-segregation defined her classroom – her boy students flocked to the building blocks while her girl students played with dolls and crayons and staples, toys that offered them little challenge or opportunity to fail and develop perseverance."
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"[W]e have been discouraged by the number of unfair personal attacks made against [Keller]" – including "hate phone calls at her classroom and vicious messages on Facebook" [. . .] Hmm...I wonder if the BIR was discouraged by the hatred directed at Christian businessmen persecuted for not wanting to cater faux weddings or the Christian pizza-shop owner forced into hiding by death threats.
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If Keller is really so concerned about girls being discouraged by the boys' presence (a pity science hasn't yet weeded those creatures out of the species), there's a simple solution: create separate boys' and girls' Lego areas. But this wasn't good enough for her; she had to stick it to the boys for being boys.
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Reality: hardly anyone, if anyone at all, really believes in equality. Equality is simply a ruse used when convenient to advance leftism, and it remains operative only until inequality better serves that end. Just witness the college "anti-racism" protesters who recently ejected whites from their "safe areas."

November 24, 2015
Feminist Teacher's Lesson Plan: Discriminate against Boys
By Selwyn Duke

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