June 2, 2016

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions Warns Paul Ryan To Adapt To Trump Or To Resign

Sen. Jeff Sessions, left, with House Speaker Paul Ryan

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Senator Jewff Sessions has a bit of friendly advice for Speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders who are hesitant about endorsing Donald Trump. Or maybe it's more of a warning.
Accept the fact that Trump is the Republican nominee or leave office.
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Sessions is absolutely correct. You can't have it both ways - denouncing Trump and remaining a Republican. You should either resign and leave office or get behind the nominee chosen by Republican voters.
Those Republicans toying with a third party candidate are delusional. Why not just start a "Republicans for Clinton" club and be done with it? There is nothing principled about actively undermining the only alternative to a Hillary Clinton presidency and those who insist a third party candidate can actually win are insane.
A political party is a voluntary association - except when you choose to help lead it. Then it becomes incumbent on a leader to bow to the will of the voter when they choose a nominee. Basic democracy 101.
I expect several high profile Republicans to get that message eventually and either exit the party or support the nominee. Their hesitancy at this point is only helping Clinton.


June 1, 2016
Sen. Sessions warns Ryan to adapt to Trump or leave office
By Rick Moran

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