June 8, 2016

Palestinian Terrorists Kill Four In Tel Aviv, Israel;Yahoo, Russia Today Distort Event

Dressed in dark suits, the two gunmen pause to reload before executing a wounded man 
on the ground.


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Gunmen dressed in dark suits have carried out a terror attack in Tel Aviv leaving at least four people dead.
Around six other people were wounded in the shocking shooting incident, which took place at the Max Brenner restaurant in the centre of the Israeli city.
One person, believed to be a four-year-old girl, was in critical condition, with Israeli police describing the shooting as an apparent attack aimed against Israelis.
Officials have confirmed that two gunmen were involved, with one attacker was captured while the other was reportedly wounded.
'The terrorists who carried out the attack... are cousins from the Hebron district,' police 
spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement.
Photographs from the scene have reportedly revealed the gunmen may have used homemade machine guns, known as a Carl Gustav gun.
Israeli police are understood to be looking for a third suspect, who is believed to have fled the scene.
Police said the wounded included those sitting at a coffee shop in the complex. The assailants' weapons had been retrieved by officers, they said.
The incident occurred in an area of trendy cafes and restaurants very close to the central military headquarters and Defence Ministry compound.
The attack was the first following in lull after almost daily street attacks by Palestinians against Israelis which began in October and lasted several months.
Spokeswoman Luba Samri said shooting was reported in two locations close to the popular open-air Sharona market.
Another spokeswoman, Meirav Lapidot, said initial reports showed there were 'at least two terrorists'. She said both were 'neutralised', which can mean either killed or detained.
CCTV shows people running away after hearing gunshots in Tel Aviv
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Investigating: Forensic scientists examine the evidence at the scene of the horrific gun attack.

Ms Samri said one of the attackers is being treated in hospital.
Meital Sassi told Channel 10 TV she was out with her family celebrating her son's birthday when she heard shots and 'immediately understood it was a terror attack'.
'We ran like lightning with the baby and the stroller ... I yelled at people who didn't understand what was happening to run,' she said.
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The nationalities and other details of the victims were not yet known.
A spokesman for Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai quoted him as saying 'we will not be able to put a policeman on every street corner'.
'The lone assailant can appear from any corner,' he said. 'That is the reality with which we have to live.'
The city however said in a statement it was increasing security at schools and municipal buildings.
Violence since October has killed at least 207 Palestinians, 28 Israelis, two Americans, an Eritrean and a Sudanese.
Most of the Palestinians killed were carrying out knife, gun or car-ramming attacks, according to Israeli authorities.
Others were killed in clashes or by Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip.


Terror in Tel Aviv: Chilling security camera footage shows moment two gunmen wearing suits storm into cafe and shoot dead four people 'including girl aged four' and injure six
Gunmen disguised as an ultra-Orthodox Jews carried out terror attack
Israeli police confirmed three people have been killed in the attack
One of the three victims is reportedly a four-year-old girl
At least nine other people were wounded in the shocking shooting
Israeli police confirm the two gunmen are cousins from the city of Hebron
See more news on the Tel Aviv terror attack as four people are shot dead
PUBLISHED: 14:33 EST, 8 June 2016 | UPDATED: 18:06 EST, 8 June 2016

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Responsibility for that tweet might lie with AFP, whose breaking report, which Yahoo News linked to, used similar language. But while AFP has since updated its reporting to note that the shooting occurred at "a Tel Aviv bar and restaurant complex," Yahoo News seems to be sticking with the "Defense Ministry" spin. A subsequent tweet by the Yahoo account again described the attack as being "near Israel's defense ministry."
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This time, though, Yahoo News did not link to an article that mentioned the defense ministry. Instead, it referred to an AP article correctly describing an attack "near a popular open-air market." Why, then, does Yahoo News continue suggest to its Twitter followers that the terrorists were targeting anything other than Israeli civilians?
It can always get worse, though. Russia Today initially claimed it the gunmen were Jewish:


June 08, 2016
Yahoo News, Russia Today, Misreport Tel Aviv Terror Attack
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At least 3 dead in shooting at Tel Aviv market
Published June 08, 2016

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Four people were killed and several others wounded in a coordinated terrorist assault on Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market Wednesday evening, in one of the deadliest attacks in the city since Palestinian violence erupted last October.
Tel Aviv Police head Asst.-Ch. Moshe Edri called the shooting a “serious terrorist attack,” saying that two terrorists came to the market and opened fire randomly at civilians. Eyewitnesses said that the terrorists were disguised as religious Jews and wore kippot.
Edri said the police did not have warnings of a terrorist attack at the site. He said police have increased deployments in the city but that school would be open on Thursday and people can keep their normal routine, though he also implored the public to exercise caution and to report suspicious persons.
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The two attackers were relatives from Yata in the South Hebron Hills and were said to be in their twenties.
The Hebron area is a known Hamas stronghold.


Three killed in central Tel Aviv terror shooting; two attackers nabbed
06/08/2016 21:45

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Gunmen kill at least 4 people in apparent terror attack in Israel
By Yaron Steinbuch and Natalie Musumeci
June 8, 2016 | 4:09pm | Updated
New York Post

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