June 7, 2016

Declining Sex Attributed To Netflix

Keisha Castle-Hughes arrives at the premiere of Game Of Thrones Season 6

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The renown statistician and author of Sex By Numbers believes the age of box set bingeing [Netflix] is responsible for the gradual decline.
Addressing an audience at the Hay Festival, Professor Spiegelhalter said: "People are having less sex.
"Sexually active couples between 16 and 64 were asked and the median was five times in the last month in 1990, then four times in 2000 and three times in 2010.
"At this rate, by 2030 couples are not going to be having any sex at all.


People are having less sex, and this popular tech company might be to blame
FALTERING sex rates have been caused by the popularity of Netflix and binge-watching Game of Thrones box sets, a Cambridge University professor has claimed.
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