June 1, 2016

Charter Schools, Private Schools, Public Schools and Unions

Mr. Hunter ignores private schools in Cambridge. Are they not separate and unequal? In private schools and charter schools teachers unions cannot force teachers to pay union dues. Is that why unions oppose charter schools? Private schools accept taxpayer benefits too. Hunter argues against himself saying "60 percent of Massachusetts charter schools—including the three Cambridge charters—have no parents serving as board trustees.

As a parent, you want the best for your child. But, as a community, we have to decide what is best for all the children." Which is it? Having no parents on the boards is good or bad? Removing unruly students is good for the community bad for the unruly student. One more counter productive argument. Hunter fails to mention education outcome by public school students compared with charter schools. Is that unimportant? 

[My response to comment]
Don't want to deny disruptive students education. Why should they be allowed to prevent educating the rest of the class? Should disruptive students be allowed to threaten and to intimidate teachers without accountability? Why are students with learning disabilities provided extra resources but when hiring diverse populations, e.g., persons with disabilities public schools exclude such persons? Why are politicians and police in Cambridge and elsewhere permitted to ridicule, to humiliate and to harass persons (not just students) with disabilities? In the USA "we" just isolate and exploit such students for business purposes of the human services industrial complex. Free and "equal" education is hallmark? Why do some persons get extra taxpayer resources than others? "Privatizers' have a better record of producing skilled students with abilities, unlike too many high school grads who need remedial education at community colleges. Blame Wall Street, not unions and mendacious politicians. Keep the guilty above scrutiny. Maintain the status quo dumbing down the population. Bring on the idiocracy.  


Guest column: We don't need a dual system of education in Cambridge
By Dan Hunter
Posted Jun. 1, 2016 at 2:02 PM

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