June 2, 2016

Cambridge, MA High School Students Recognize Difference Between Perception and Reality

“In Cambridge, there’s a difference between perception and reality,” [student Gregorio Leon] said. “There’s this perception of being an ultra-liberal utopia, which can often lead to a lack of questioning about who we really are. That complacency is very dangerous, and good to challenge.” is an accurate observation not limited to CRLS. 

Tell that to $37 billion endowed Harvard University, local, state and US governments which abuse taxpayers and voters. 

One Cambridge gentleman was described as a retired drug dealer for 35 years by the FBI as part of covering up serious criminal government abuses, while others described the same gentleman as homeless and crazy. Police and politicians joined in bullying a vulnerable person. This works in many areas.


'Our Truths' student production highlights issues facing Cambridge teens
By Natalie Handy
nhandy (at) wickedlocal.com
Posted Jun. 2, 2016 at 10:42 AM

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