December 15, 2015

White House Is Not Who We Are

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The Washington Free Beacon has put together a video montage of Obama using his catchphrase, “it’s not who we are” 46 times.
The video editor, David Rutz, observes:
Not unlike his warning to political opponents that they may be on the “wrong side of history,” the expression is useful in its ability to shut down conversation and seize a moral high ground, however imaginary.
Obama has deployed the term to convince the country of his rightness on immigration, Obamacare, education, national security and not voting for Mitt Romney, among other important issues to his presidency.

Since there is little flexibility in his thinking, “not who we are” is likely to be used even more to delegitimize his opponents as his term in office runs down, his popularity sinks, and he becomes ever more desperate to stifle mounting criticism.
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Undoubtedly, Obama’s claim that this or that is not who “we are”, depends on the meaning of “we.” Maybe some smart journalist can ask him.

December 13, 2015
Obama Is Not Who We Are
By Clarice Feldman

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